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Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park

The mandate agreement was signed in June , and African Parks began managing the park and its periphery that October. There are no hidden extras. She chose a name that honored her recently deceased father, Joe, because Joe and the rhino calf share the same birthday of Christmas Eve.

Zakouma National Park

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The national park is part of the Greater Zakouma Ecosystem—the primary safe haven for Central and West African wildlife—but between andpoachers on horseback ransacked the park, decimating its natural resources while stirring fear and insecurity in local communities.

By overhauling law enforcement, providing expert training, and creating communication networks, we restored security to the park and paved the way for a total transformation. Poaching plummeted and wildlife is returning. Giraffe, buffalo and other species have experienced little to no poaching during the past 10 years, and only 24 known elephants have been killed sincewith none since January For the first time in decades, population numbers started increasing, and after years of trauma, elephants resumed breeding.

Inwe counted one calf under the age of five; inwe documented The elephant population has now surpassed individuals and is on the rise for the first time in a decade. Our work in the region includes robust community engagement. Since17 schools have been built and supported, offering thousands of children a stable education for the first time in their lives. Zakouma has become the largest employer in the region, and tourists are visiting Zakouma to witness its abundance of wildlife.

The ecosystem Akagera National Park critical conservation areas for key species in Central Africa. Our expanded management agreement also covers Bahr-Salamat 13, km2 and adjoining wildlife corridors 10, km2. Zakouma has come a very long way since The park has risen from the ashes to become an unlikely symbol of hope for people and animals alike, and its transformation underscores crucial links between security, sustainable livelihoods, Akagera National Park wildlife conservation.

Zakouma Highlights As many as 4, elephants were killed between andbut since African Parks assumed management of Zakouma in poaching has been practically eliminated with only 24 known elephants poached in the last decade. The population now exceeds individuals and in we counted elephant calves under the age of five; in we only counted one. Zakouma has become the largest employer in the region, with the park providing additional opportunities for local income generation by facilitating the local procurement of park and tourism camp supplies and developing commercial community projects, such as honey harvesting and production.

With law restored and security reclaimed, tourists have begun visiting Zakouma to witness its abundant wildlife. In Junesix rhinos were reintroduced to the park from South Africa, where unfortunately four died several months after their release, from natural causes related to poor nutritional uptake but the remaining two female rhinos are healthy and are being monitored daily.

On the Horizon Our next steps are focused on implementing the management of the Greater Zakouma Ecosystem which includes the completion of infrastructure and training of rangers as well as socio-economic studies and mapping of the area.

A large carnivore study is to be expanded to determine the key species and their ecological function in the landscape. Inthe Chadian Government and European Union approached African Parks to assume management responsibility of the park with the aim Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt protecting the regions incredible biodiversity and to create a space place for people and wildlife.

The mandate agreement was signed in Juneand African Parks began managing the park and its periphery that October. In Octoberwe doubled Akagera National Park footprint around Zakouma Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt signing an MoU with the Government to manage the Greater Zakouma Ecosystem, which includes the Siniaka Minia Faunal Reserve and other critical wildlife corridors.


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The mandate agreement was signed in June , and African Parks began managing the park and its periphery that October. The safari park said they spend their days eating, playing and sleeping. The section of river named Kagera begins in Burundi , flowing out from Lake Rweru. Barbara and John Schubert, longtime supporters of The Wilds, were given the opportunity to name Kifaru’s female rhino calf.