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Glacier National Park Photo Album

Glacier National Park Photo Album

The remains of an aboriginal hunting camp is also located at the site, southwest of the Norse remains. After L’Anse aux Meadows was named a national historic site, the area, and its related tourist programs, have been managed by Parks Canada. Wright had initially intended that the ledge be cut flush with the floor but this had been one of the family’s favorite sunning spots, so Kaufmann suggested that it be left as it was.


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They are believed to have been constructed of sod placed over a wooden frame. Based on associated artifacts, the buildings were identified as dwellings or workshops. The largest dwelling F measured Workshops were identified as an iron smithy building J containing a forge and iron slag[16] a carpentry workshop building Dwhich generated wood debris and a specialized boat repair area containing worn rivets.

Other things found at the site consisted of common everyday Norse items, including a stone oil lamp, a whetstonea bronze fastening pin, a bone knitting needle and part of a spindle. Stone weights, which were found in building G, may have been part of a loom. The presence of the spindle and needle suggests that women as well as men inhabited the settlement. There is no way of knowing how many people lived at the site at any given time; archaeological evidence of the dwellings suggest it had the capacity of supporting 30 to people.

Richards notes: “It seems highly unlikely that the Norse had sufficient resources to construct a string of such settlements. Their presence probably indicates the Norse inhabitants traveled farther south to Glacier National Park Photo Album them. These included caribou, wolf, fox, bear, lynx, marten, all types of birds and fish, seal, whale and walrus. This area is no longer rich in game due in large part to the harsh winters. This forces the game Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt either hibernate or venture south as the wind, deep snow, and sheets of ice cover the area.

These losses made the harsh winters very difficult for the Norse people at L’Anse aux Meadows. Eleanor Barraclougha lecturer in medieval history and literature at Durham University, [22] suggests the site was not a permanent settlement, instead a temporary boat repair facility.

Adam of Bremena German clericwas the first European to mention Vinland. In a text he composed aroundhe Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt that He [the Danish king, Sven Estridsson ] also told me of another island discovered by many in that ocean. Norse sagas are written versions of older oral traditions.

Two Icelandic sagascommonly called the Saga of the Greenlanders and the Saga of Erik the Reddescribe the experiences of Norse Greenlanders who discovered and attempted to settle land to the west of Greenland, which they called Vinland. Lawrence River and New Brunswick.

Anne, along with her husbandled an archeological excavation of the site. Inthe archaeological remains of Norse buildings were discovered in Newfoundland by the Norwegian husband-wife team of explorer Helge Ingstad and archaeologist Anne Stine Ingstad. Based on the idea that the Old Norse name ” Vinland “, mentioned in the Icelandic Sagasmeant “wine-land”, historians had long speculated Glacier National Park Photo Album the region contained wild grapes. Wild grapes have grown and still grow along the coast of New Brunswick and in the St.

Lawrence River valley of Quebec. The remains of Norse buildings on display. The remains of seven Norse buildings were uncovered during the Ingstads’ excavation of the site. The Ingstads doubted this theory, saying “that the name Vinland probably means land of meadows This dichotomy between the two views could have possibly been due to the two historic ways in which the first vowel sound of “Vinland” could be pronounced.

The word used in the sagas clearly relates to grapes. In fact, the discovery of butternuts in the Norse stratum of the bog on the site by Parks Canada archaeologists proves that the Norse ventured at least as far as the coast of New Brunswick, where butternuts grow and have grown for…

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They also requested separate bedrooms as well as a bedroom for their adult son and an additional guest room. It was an act of mourning, but also one of tribute to a place of great meaning to me. The Ingstads doubted this theory, saying “that the name Vinland probably means land of meadows