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Congaree National Park Alligators

Congaree National Park Alligators

We saw the anhinga pictured below from the observation point over Weston Lake from the boardwalk. Be sure to ask about any reservations that you may need to make for the programs or activities that interest you. A full range of higher-order amenities can be found in Columbia about 20 miles distant. Like the boardwalk, Sims Trail is very kid-friendly.

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Congaree National Park is a place of tremendous ecological diversity. We saw the one pictured below making its way across Weston Lake from East to West. We were on the observation deck at the end of the boardwalk. Wild Pigs These feral hogs are a highly destructive, invasive Congaree National Park Alligators found in the park. They negatively impact the health of the forest ecosystem. There are frequently signs of rooting from the wild pigs around the park. Birds Congaree is a popular area for birding in South Carolina.

The 2. The Weston Lake trail is a good place to see wading birds. Below is a pileated woodpecker that we saw while on the low boardwalk west side. We saw the anhinga pictured below from the Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt point over Weston Lake from the boardwalk.

It was shortly after a rain Congaree National Park Alligators and we saw it fly across the lake and land in a tree across the lake. It proceeded to spread its wings to dry them and we got a couple great photos of it while it did.

Congaree has been the location of a search for the Ivory-billed woodpecker in the past, a bird once thought extinct until it was seen in Arkansas in Many believe that it still lives deep within the old-growth forest popular with other woodpeckers.

Snakes There are four venomous snakes that live in the park. Copperhead, canebrake rattlesnake, cottonmouth and the rare coral snake. However, the poisonous snakes typically avoid people.

In total, there are around 21 varieties of snakes that live here. Other Wildlife: This green frog was hanging out on a plant above the flood waters when we spotted it from the boardwalk. We later spotted a few frogs hanging out on the door to the bathroom at the visitor center in the early morning. This turtle was swimming with a friend Congaree National Park Alligators Weston Lake below the observation point: Congaree National Park.

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The There are at least 20 state or national champion trees and lots of others nearly as big. A stroll along the service road water conditions permitting offers a fine supplement to the boardwalk experience and is not as demanding as the dirt trail options.