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Bar am National Park

Bar am National Park

History[ edit ] The site of Bar’am has been inhabited since ancient times; at an unknown point following the Arab conquest of the seventh century but before the thirteenth century, the Jewish population left Kfar Bar’am , which became a mainly Christian village called Kafr Bir’im on the Lebanese border when the Palestinian inhabitants were expelled by Israel Defense Forces in November Well that seems to have been a mistake and a disappointment the choice of location, not the choice to lead the group. In addition, the kibbutz has ponds for fish farming. For me: quite frustrating.

Bar’am National Park

Centennial National Park Service

So last week- and 42 and a half years later, I returned: this time, leading a group of 12 local Israelis. Well that seems to have been a mistake and a disappointment the choice of location, not the choice to lead the group. We had always primarily intended to hike in the adjacent Baram forest, but I ended up at this national park, with the entry gate raised and with no attendant, so I entered and Bar am National Park to visit the site.

Sure enough, when the others arrived, the gate had been lowered, and the others in the group were denied entry into the empty parking lot, since they had not registered. It was also explained to them by the guard that it was impossible that I had entered without prior registration. We found that the purported location was marked and indicated on google maps. We tried to walk there- the trail did not exist. No matter what we did, it eluded us.

Wherever we walked, google maps showed us Bar am National Park in the wrong direction. There were Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt other groups trying to do the same thing- all confused and not succeeding.

Finally, one group claimed to have found a marker and pile of stones way off in the opposite direction For me: quite frustrating. For them- they got to return earlier to go in the pool. So why did I rate this as poor and not terrible?

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The park is located less than feet from the border between Israel and Lebanon. I believe the name of this area is Kafr Bir’im or Kafar Berem. These are not mentioned in the National Park brochure because they are not considered part of the National Park however are well worth taking the time to explore.