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Amboro National Park

Amboro National Park

Among the large mammals we find the spectacled bear locally known as the jucumari , the jaguar , and the giant anteater. In october the park triangular area of We saw two types of monkey, lots of other kinds of birds, lots of trees and vines; went swimming, great hiking, and the food was great. Local conflicts have since forced a constant redefinition of limits, so the exact boundaries between the two categories are not precisely known.

Amboró National Park

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My sister and I were on a very tight time schedule and arrived in Santa Cruz with NO idea who to go on a tour with. But needing to organize one for the next day. We met the owners of Ruta Verde and were sold! It was so simple to organize; everything was just so easy and uncomplicated. I was originally worried that the trekking would be difficult and that But I loved the peaceful walking mixed with the interesting notes on the flora and fauna that we could see. Our guide was so gorgeous; he was honest, genuine and knew everything that we could Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt hope to know – the medicinal properties of the plants as well as the behavior of the animals that we could see.

The waterfalls were amazing and the views stunning. The spider monkeys and the ok I’m forgetting the name now If you can figure out who I mean, please fill in the blanks!!! I was so excited to see the animals in their natural habitat. The spider monkeys were shaking branches in the trees; our guide explained that it Amboro National Park to prove who was stronger to the other males in another tree.

At night we sat quietly and waited until the nocturnal animals appeared. Our guide also explained the origins of the park and the inhabitants who live on the outskirts. The food was great. The insight into life in the jungle was simply amazing and a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone. I’ve been, in 2 months, with A LOT of different tour agencies. Ruta Verde Tour Agency was definitely my favorite. Everything was Amboro National Park organized which is not that common in Bolivia!

I took the Amboro park tour for couple of days and I can assure you that it was the best days of my travel. So, from my personal experience, you should expect an well organized tour agency with the best prices and enjoy a wonderful trip in the Amboro park with a local guide, from who you will learn unforgettable things The agency also speak Spanish, English and Dutch.

I’m not working for anyone, I’m just leaving this comment because I think that this agency should be known by every Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt in Bolivia.

Have a nice trip! Thanks a million for the experience. The trip was well organised and the lowland rainforest considerably different from the cloud forest seen in the higher areas of the Amboro National Park.

It was incredible, in large part due to the epertise of the guide. He really is a great guide. I don’t know from first-hand experience, but I strongly suspect that he is one of the best guides in the business. He is very patient, calm and observant. I’m a fair bird-watcher, etc.

We Amboro National Park green-cheeked parakeets like my Tikka! We saw two types of monkey, lots of other kinds of birds, lots of trees and Amboro National Park went swimming, great hiking, and the food was great. Overall, I loved the trip and would might? We were lucky to see small monkeys and a lot of different birds including all kinds of parrots and tukans. Wild pigs crossed our path and we saw traces of the panther.

We will not forget the quietness at night and the sounds of numerous birds. Many thanks and best wishes. Alles was echt super goed geregeld. Van het vervoer van en naar de Refugio, de wandelingen met de nodige uitleg over de omgeving…


Koroyanitu National Heritage Park

Bolivia has witness a relentless movement of people from the mountains to the lower-lying land of the east during the last few decades, and since the periphery of the park has come under heavy pressure from spontaneous colonist seeking to scape of the effects of unemployment and inhospitable conditions of their altiplano homeland. Riding outside through the communities – Amboro Park Tours After crossing the river we start going through the communities of Amboro park to reach the “Red Line” Second border. In this case we have to cross the others rivers walking or in a canoe When this happens we also may have to walk about 2 or 6 km to get to the camping site or to the cabins in the jungle Once in the cabins or camping site, we may have our first lunch.