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Why Was Yellowstone Established As A National Park

Why Was Yellowstone Established As A National Park

Geological Survey and University of Utah, the National Park Service established the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory in to monitor volcanic and seismic activity in the area. This law is known as the Lacey Act, and is the first of two laws with this name. Although also designed to increase education programs and employee housing, Mission 66 focused mainly on visitor facilities and roads.

Yellowstone National Park Protection Act (1872)

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Rock structures like this are evidence of the early presence of people in the area. Today, park managers use archeological and historical studies to help us understand how people lived here in the past. Ethnography helps us learn about how groups of people identify themselves and their connections to the park.

Research is also conducted to learn how people continue to affect and be affected by these places, many of which have been relatively protected from human impacts. Some alterations to the landscape, such as the construction of roads and other facilities, are generally accepted as necessary to accommodate the needs of visitors today. Although Tukudika a. European Americans Arrive European Americans began exploring in the early s.

Osborne Russell recorded early visits in the s. First organized expedition explored Yellowstone in Railroad arrived inallowing easier visitor access. The US Army managed the park from through National Park Service created in First boundary adjustment of the park Why Was Yellowstone Established As A National Park in To search for additional information, visit the Data Store.

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These lands provided winter range for elk and other ungulates. Easy unsubscribe links are provided in every email. This idea belied evidence to the contrary, but the myth endured.