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Big Bang National Park

Big Bang National Park

If you only have one day, this video will help you decide on the perfect itinerary. The busiest period of the year spans mid November through mid-April, especially the month of March which includes Spring Break for Texas schools and colleges. Following the ending of rifting in the Late Cretaceous to the early Cenozoic , the Big Bend area was subjected to the Laramide orogeny.

Texas’ Gift to the Nation

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The Chisos Indians were a loosely organized group of nomadic hunters and gatherers who probably practiced limited agriculture on a seasonal basis. The origin of the Chisos Indians is not known. Linguistically, they were associated with the Conchos Indians of northern Chihuahua and northwestern Coahuila.

Their language group spoke a variation of Uto-Aztecana language whose speakers ranged from central Mexico to the Great Basin of the U. The Jumano was a nomadic group that traveled and traded throughout West Texas and southeastern New Mexicobut some historic records indicate they were enemies of the Chisos. Around the beginning of the 18th century, the Mescalero Apaches began to invade the Big Bend region and displaced the Chisos Indians. One of the last Native American Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt to use the Big Bend was the Comancheswho passed through the park along the Comanche Trail on their way to and from periodic raids into the Mexican interior.

These raids continued until the midth century. The last of the great military leaders of the native peoples of the region was an Apache of Spanish ancestry named Alzate, who was active as late as the late s. The European presence in the region begins circa AD with the first Spanish explorations into this portion of North America. Some of these expeditions were searching for gold and silver, or farm and ranch land.

Others, such as those by the Franciscan missionarieswere intended to establish centers in which the natives could be evangelized. In an attempt to protect the northern frontier of the New Spainfrom which emerged present-day Mexico, a line of presidios, or fortswas established along the Rio Grande in the late 18th century. Some of the presidios were soon abandoned, because of financial difficulties and because they could not effectively stop Indian intrusions into Mexico.

Very little study has been made of the Spanish occupation of the Big Bend following the abandonment of the presidios. Ina Spanish settlement called Altares existed 30 mi 48 km south of the Rio Grande. The region became a part of Mexico when it achieved its independence from Spain in Mexican families lived in the area when English-speaking settlers began arriving following the secession of Texas during the latter half of the 19th century.

Following the end of the Mexican—American War inthe U. Army made military surveys of the uncharted land of the Big Bend. Forts and outposts were established across Trans-Pecos Texas to protect migrating settlers from Indian attacks. A significant proportion of the soldiers in the late s were African American and came to be called the ” buffalo soldiers Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt, a name apparently given to them by the Native Americans.

Lieutenant Henry Flipperthe first American of African ancestry to graduate from West Pointserved in Shafter, Texasnear the end of the 19th century. Shafter, named for General William R. Shafterlies west of the Big Bend along the highway from Presidio to Marfa. The delicate desert environment was soon overgrazed. In the late 19th and early 20th century, valuable mineral deposits were discovered and brought settlers who worked in the mines or supported the mines by farming or by cutting timber for the mines and smelters.

Communities sprang up around the mines. Boquillas and Terlingua both resulted from mining operations. During this period, the Rio Grande flood plain was settled by farmers. In May ofa raid on Glenn Springs received national attention, motivating President Wilson to issued orders for the mobilization of the Texas National Guard to aid federal forces along the border.

A permanent cavalry camp was…

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Coral Pink Sand Dunes National Park

The colima warbler arrives in the Chisos Mountains in mid-April to summer in the high canyons of the mountains. The last of the great military leaders of the native peoples of the region was an Apache of Spanish ancestry named Alzate, who was active as late as the late s. Later that year, the park was redesignated Big Bend State Park. Exploring the Grapevine Hills area.