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Cabo Blanco National Park

Cabo Blanco National Park

Be sure to keep a lookout for the giant strangler fig tree on the right-hand side as you approach Cabuya. Nicolas died in and Karen in This national reserve is interestingly picturesque with tropical forests, waterfalls, rivers and white sandy beaches. Surrounded by luscious panoramas, the rocky mass is surrounded by thousands of birds.

Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve

Wind Cave National Park

Or call toll-free The Cabo Blanco Reserve protects 3, hectares or 7, acres of land. The elevation of the reserve ranges from sea level to 5 meters or 0 — 16 Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt. It protects rainforest, beach, mangrove, and river habitats.

There are several groomed hiking trails. The isolated reserve is home to plenty of wildlife. There are three species of large felines including margays, jaguarundis, and ocelots.

Capuchin and howler monkeys represent the primates. In addition there are anteaters, armadillos, raccoons, kinkajous, pizotes, and deer. There are many reptiles including black and green iguanas, whip-tailed lizards, and boa constrictors. Many species of birds have been identified in the reserve such as scarlett macaws, crested Cabo Blanco National Park, magpie-jays, long-tailed manakins, and elegant trogons. Along the shore, Cabo Blanco National Park are brown pelicans, sandpipers, frigate birds, brown boobies, and laughing gulls.

Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve is government managed. It has a ranger station that is equipped with basic amenities including public restrooms.

There are no overnight Cabo Blanco National Park. The park is home to over different species of trees, including the wild plum, trumpet tree, lance wood, and the sapoditta — famous for producing the material that is used to make chewing gum. The reserve is famous for the white cape; a group of rocks located at the southern tip of the reserve that serves as a dwelling ground for a plethora of bird species. The two beaches of Cabo Blanco, Playa Cabo Blanco and Playa Balsitas are excellent locations to witness hundreds of pelicans as they soar while scouring for fish.

There is a beach at the southern tip that has rocks with large fossilized oysters and other ancient marine shellfish. While these are quite a sight, you are not permitted to remove them. At a glance Closest town: Montezuma and mal Pais Size in hectares: 3, 7, acres Year established: Elevation in meters: 0 — 5 0 — 16 feet Private managed: no.

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There are three species of large felines including margays, jaguarundis, and ocelots. Access is limited to the ranger station near Cabuya, south of Montezuma. We have also seen many types of butterflies and birds.