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Borivali National Park

Borivali National Park

Started with the motive of promoting eco-tourism. Named Van Rani, which means “jungle queen,” it was operational for about twenty-five years before it was discontinued in because of the poor condition of the track. The two lakes of the park are the Vihar Lake and the Tulsi Lake.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

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It is situated on the northern part of the suburbs of Mumbai and spread over a total area of sq. A huge number of people visit the park, it is roughly estimated that 2 million visitors come here annually.

The park is decorated with a wide variety of flora and fauna. But after independence it was called Borivli National Park as it is close to the residential area of Borivali. In the year the park was renamed as Sanjay Gandhi National Park, in memory of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s son, who died in an air crash.

The 2, years old, Kanheri Borivali National Park are located inside the park. There are caves in the center of the park which were used as viharas monasteries and chaityas temples by the Buddhist monks of the 2nd and 9th centuries. The region of Sanjay Gandhi National Park is hilly and densely covered Borivali National Park trees and inhabits many animals. It is located at a height of m. The two lakes of the park are the Vihar Lake and the Tulsi Lake.

These lakes cater to the water requirements of Mumbai. Nearly varieties of flowering plants, types of birds, 5, types of insects, 36 species of Borivali National Park, 50 kinds of reptiles and species of butterfly are found here. Fee for shuttle bus runs from the park entrance to the caves per person : 36 Rs.

Photos of Sanjay Gandhi National park

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The access timing for pass-holders is 5. Striped Hyenas can be spotted around Yeoor hills side of the national park. There are a significant number of species of woodpeckers and kingfishers along with the Paradise flycatcher and the much elusive Trogon. During visiting hours, some of the resident lions are let out into the enclosure and can be viewed from the safety of the bus.