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National Park Brochures Collection

National Park Brochures Collection

Year Index. Credit: travel. Share this:. Enjoy the fruits of my labor!

Enthusiast Builds Website To Collect, Share Free National Park Maps

National Park Lake Superior

At the same time familiar and stimulating, an iconic photo tempts you to unfold it, panel by panel unveiling the breadth of opportunities that await. This is your first souvenir from the park. Holly is a lifelong parks and maps enthusiast. As a child, exploring the boardwalks of Yellowstone National Park rivaled the enchantment of Disneyland. During the government shutdown ofwith plenty of free time on his hands, Mr.

Holly put his interests together and launched the website National Park Maps. The idea was to build a hub for browsing and downloading maps from all of the national parks without having to visit multiple websites, even though he had no idea how to develop a website at the time. Two-and-a-half years later, many milestones have been met. In early April, Mr. Holly National Park Brochures Collection maps for four Alaska parkscompleting the goal of representing all 59 national parks. A couple weeks later, he surpassed 1, total maps.

In between, he added an interactive map for each location. Unlike his road trips to national parks, Mr. In his latest blog postMr. Holly said he hopes to have all the units with maps on the site Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt He views his project, which National Park Brochures Collection maintains in his free time, as a complement to NPS.

He removes excess text, improves image quality, and creates thumbnails and descriptions for every map. He links to nearby parks to help with trip planning.

In addition to updates, his blog offers interesting tidbits and data about NPMaps. Beyond the full park maps, there are detailed maps National Park Brochures Collection specific components of a park, such as hiking trails or campgrounds, while others offer a broader view of the area surrounding a park. No page features fewer than three maps. Holly has been a park ranger sincewith stints at SequoiaAcadiaVoyageursand Yosemitewhere he had 15 minutes of fame in The shapes, locations, patterns and labels combine to tell a story.

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Temperature In Rocky Mountain National Park

Visiting a National Park? Holly is a lifelong parks and maps enthusiast. Those maps include 3D depictions, color coded depth maps, as well as your basic topo maps. Credit: pinterest.

Yosemite National Park Brochures

Yosemite National Park Brochures

He has a loose white, long-sleeved shirt and long pants. This is the Badger Pass winter trails map kb , showing the ski and snowshoe trails along the Glacier Point Road accessible from Badger Pass. Peiker, shows the upper half of a tri-colored acorn woodpecker Melanerpes formicivorus.

Download the Official Yosemite Park Map PDF

Haystack Creek Glacier National Park

Spanish general park information [2. Through text and audio descriptions of photos, illustrations and maps, this version interprets the two-sided color brochure that Yosemite visitors receive. The brochure explores the history of the park, includes some of its highlights, and provides information for planning your visit.

This audio version lasts about one Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt and 45 minutes, covering both sides of the original brochure, with each side broken down into smaller sections for your listening enjoyment and time availability. Information included from the front of the brochure covers four key highlights of the park including the High Sierra, granite cliffs, sequoia groves and Yosemite Valley.

Each section includes vivid color photographs and relevant details about the park’s geologic features, historic characters and flora and fauna. Information from the back of the brochure consists of an illustrated map of the entire park which includes roads, amenities, peaks, lakes, rivers, and trails, as well as a detail of Yosemite Valley and a map of the surrounding area.

The maps include insets with pertinent safety, wildlife and other information. The top of the page displays a large photo of a sweeping view of Half Dome and Tenaya Canyon overlayed with a brief overview and Yosemite National Park Brochures.

Below, the page is divided into four horizontal sections which cover key highlights of Yosemite: the High Sierra, granite cliffs, sequoia groves and Yosemite Valley.

Each section has a text overview of the topic paired with a large circular photo displaying the area or aspect.

Beside these features is a collection of photos and text blocks that illustrate the text. The park is aboutacres and is situated about 60 miles north of Fresno and about miles east of San Francisco in the Sierra Nevada mountain Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt. About 95 percent of the park is designated wilderness.

Yosemite, established in as a state park, was the first state park in California. Yosemite’s protection predates the first national park by 18 years. ByYosemite was designated as the third national park in the nation. Each year, over five million visitors come to enjoy the unique experiences that can only be had at Yosemite.

We invite you to explore the park’s giant sequoias, stunning valleys, granite peaks and domes, high meadows and lakes and spectacular mountain views. Take a hike and smell the sweet scent of the pines. Listen to the drumming of the woodpeckers drilling holes in the oak trees.

Feel the chilly mist of North America’s tallest waterfall land on your upturned face. The silhouette of a towering Jeffrey pine stands arrow-straight in the foreground, bisecting the frame. To the right of the tree, despite a darkened sky, the flat-faced, round-backed Half Dome is bathed in light. Dark, lichen-covered streaks cascade down the face of the rock. The bare, granitic dome stands prominently over the landscape, seeming to peer down at the shadowed depths of Tenaya Canyon below and the miles of exposed granite domes and peaks rising above their tree-covered slopes.

Hundreds of miles of hiking trails offer adventure, solitude, and inspiration for those wishing to explore this glacially carved landscape and experience ever-changing mountain ecosystems. Glaciers sculpted this landscape, plucking, scraping, and polishing as they moved down canyons.

As the climate continues to change, life at high elevations is notably affected. They live in rock piles where they find shelter from predators and the heat of the summer sun. Where will the pikas go when they run out of mountain? In the foreground, the yellow-green grass of an open meadow is dotted with…

Where to Go and What to Do in Yosemite National Park

Grand Canyon National Park Elevation

Taste garlic-laced dishes at our numerous restaurants; stroll through historic downtown followed by a shopping spree at Gilroy Premium Outlets. The Arch Rock entrance is at A few unidentifiable trinkets dangle off the satchel like key chains. How these cliffs were formed has challenged geologists for over years.