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Budawang National Park

Budawang National Park

Packs may need to be passed in some places. Rugged and isolated, it’s full of steep mountainsides and tall moist forests. How To Get There. From the top, there are excellent views down the tail and towards Mt Owen and Mt Nibelung.

Budawang National Park

Best Place To Stay In Glacier National Park Montana

While the Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt distance is not large, the climb of nearly m is capped by a series of exposed scrambles near the summit. Good fitness, coupled with a head for heights is required.

The views from the summit are tremendous and much time can be spent on the cliff edges enjoying the sights in all directions. Tracks in general are not signposted, and in places there is a confusion of tracks.

Parties need to be confident with route finding. It is approached by a drive of about an hour from Milton on the South Coast. These are in reasonable condition, and are negotiable by normal clearance 2WD cars in dry weather. After passing south through the main shops on the Princes Highway at Milton, turn right into Croobyar Rd at the traffic lights, and reset your trip meter.

At the From here to Long Gully, the remainder of the roads are unsealed. At The road heads down to a bridge crossing of the Clyde River at Continue along the road to the Follow this road down to Long Gully at The camping area is m along on the right, and the parking area is a further m past that. Track notes In the Tunnel through the tadpole tail From 28 Auglast checked 28 Aug Follow the track that leaves from the far end of the car park, following the Yadboro River for m to a shallow pool.

From here, follow the trail as it criss crosses the side creek, Castle Creek, before climbing out on an old forestry road up Kalianna Ridge. The climb up the ridge is fairly gentle, with one short downhill to a saddle punctuating a steady uphill. As you approach the lower ramparts of the Castle, the track steepens and heads around to the right. The NPWS has done quite a lot of work in this section, building steps and stabilising slopes.

There is a steep but easy climb up to the cliffline, including one section with chain guide rails up a conglomerate slope. The new route does however miss out on the excellent views that could be had from the top of the scramble. Once at the cliffline, turn left. The next section follows this western cliffline, the undulating track ducking under trees and climbing over boulders. The track is quite eroded in places, and the going is fairly slow.

The mallee grows out from the slopes at quite an angle, requiring ducking under trees and clambering over exposed roots. Generally the track stays fairly close to the cliffline. Keep an eye out for arrows scratched in the rock as these point out the route in case of a decision needing to be made. One section of the steep exposed climb to the summit Rounding the bottom corner of the end of the cliffline, the track heads steeply up.

The NPWS has again constructed steps from logs and boards, and these should be used as much as possible to prevent further erosion. Several small clifflines need to be passed on the right or left, and the correct direction is generally indicated by an arrow scratched in the rock. There are a couple of places where a short detour from the track can be taken to a lookout across the valley to the imposing upper and lower walls of Mt Owen and Mt Nibelung.

Not far below the upper cliffs, the track forks. Take the right branch, which leads up to the Tunnel, a dark narrow pass through the tail of the Castle to the eastern side.

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Rocky Mountain National Park Guide Book

Many of the cliffs have large rock overhangs or even caves at their bases, and camping is permitted in some of these — see the guidelines. Take the right branch, which leads up to the Tunnel, a dark narrow pass through the tail of the Castle to the eastern side. Travel a further 1.