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Calanques National Park

Calanques National Park

To get in and out of the sea, you will have to climb the rocks. It is really a port for boats. What to do in Marseille?

Visit the Calanques National Park: tips and itinerary ideas

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Hike your way along the slope leading to the Sormiou pass, before descending to the cove via the brown-marked trail. Boat excursions What if you could explore the magical coves of Calanques National Park effortlessly, and without being subject to seasonal limitations? Embark on a cruise on the azure waters.

Since the boat Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt are often commented, visitors can discover the different secrets of this idyllic landscape.

Here again, the tours are organized according to your needs. Jump into a kayak and glide silently over the turquoise waters. After indulging in these coastal explorations, you can relax in the privacy of a creek: the definition of paradise! Please note that disembarking on Riou Island is strictly prohibited. Explore the seabed of the Calanques National Park and discover its lush flora and fauna. From corals to underwater caves, the Calanques National Park offers an eyeful of beautiful plant and animal life.

Warning: never dive alone! Wild landscapes, steep cliffs with breathtaking views of the immensity of the sea. What better way to indulge in the joys of climbing? Thanks to its maps updated daily, the app is particularly useful during periods of fire risk. Seven unique walking and hiking routes are also available in this first version of the app. And thanks to its built-in geolocation system, visitors can follow their progress on the trails and avoid getting lost.

How to get to the Calanques National Park? Via public transport The Calanques are accessible via bus or metro. Several options are available depending on your destination. This bus will take you to the village of Les Goudes and the Calanque of Marseilleveyre. Get off at the last stop. Follow the road for about meters. Via public transportation From the Gorguettes car park, take a shuttle Calanques National Park the town of Cassis and the Calanque de Port-Miou. The car park is easily accessible from the D when arriving in Cassis.

From La Ciotat By car Visitors can park their vehicles in the parking lots situated uphill. This allows easy access to the Calanques of Figuerolles and Mugel without having to cross the city center of La Ciotat where traffic can be dense, especially in summer. Good to know Access to the Calanques Calanques National Park Callelongue, Sormiou, and Morgiou is regulated to protect the site from overcrowding and facilitate the circulation of emergency vehicles.

To find out the dates concerned for the season, you can look up the municipal by-laws relating to the conditions of access on the official website of the Calanques National Park. However, depending on the season and weather conditions, access to the Calanques National Park may be restricted. To protect the sites and the hikers, access to forest areas is regulated by prefecture decree, renewed each year from June 1st to September 30th. Depending on weather conditions, access, including by sea, and presence in forest areas may be permitted throughout the day watch out for Calanques National Park, yellow, and orange danger signs or prohibited throughout the day red danger sign.

The conduct of work in the forest is also concerned by color-coded regulations: restriction is marked in yellow, prohibition is marked in red. The information is updated every day at 6 pm: it applies to the following day! All in all, visitors who visit the Calanques National Park will pay according to the activities they choose to do there.

Experience nature’s great show…

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You will quickly come across a small beach with big stones. There are even boats that take you from Marseille to Cassis along the Calanques coast. Alternatively, it is possible to reach Sugiton by boat. Embark on a cruise on the azure waters.