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Cancun National Marine Park

Cancun National Marine Park

While a set of steep steps can be climbed, by far the best way to reach the top is to simply take a seat in the large round elevator that gradually, as it rises and rotates, becomes an observation deck. Highlights include water-based activities including a beach and lagoon, plus the chance to explore underground rivers, a coral reef aquarium, a folk museum and performances of music and dance, an equestrian show, boat tours, and plenty of dining options. The statues are a new technique and material for coral to grow on, a means for art to save the oceans.

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History[ edit ] At the beginning ofJaime Gonzalez Canto and Jason deCaires Taylor began to create the plans for an underwater museum that would be formed by Cancun National Marine Park into a coral reef. Pursuing research on artificial reefs, he came across Taylor, who had been pioneering the use of underwater sculptures for the creation of artificial reefs on a project in Grenada that demonstrated the value of art in conservation, the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park.

He was a diving instructor in the Caribbean at the time, which also allowed him to see art in a different way. So far only two have been developed, Manchones reef with sculptures and Punta Nizuc with 23 structures. Snorkelers, scuba divers, and tourists can visit the underwater exhibits via a glass-bottom boat. To place the statues on the ocean floor, Taylor had a special lift made for the statues so none would be damaged during the move.

A forty-ton crane was placed on a commercial ferry in order to lower the sculptures. Some are so heavy that they had to be lifted into the water using lift bags.

He shows how humans can live with nature and make a workable future between the two, but also how humans have damaged nature, specifically the coral reefs, and show no sympathy. Each statue has its own personality and features.

Taylor made sure every detail from the hair to the clothes of the statues was perfect. They include a little girl with a faint smile on her face looking up to the surface; six businessmen with their heads in the sand, not paying attention to their surroundings; and even a man behind a desk with his dog lying him, but looking tired and uninvolved in the environment.

The work took Taylor 18 months and hours of working underwater and used tons of concrete, sand, and gravel, 3,m 2. Benefits[ edit ] The underwater museum is to benefit the protection of the coral reefs. Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt reefs are usually created by sunken ships and other objects that have fallen to the Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt of the ocean floor.

The statues are a new technique and material for coral to grow on, a means for art to save the oceans. Stable structures with a stable base are known to be ideal surfaces for artificial reefs. The statues also have holes in them, Cancun National Marine Park allow marine wildlife to colonize and feed off the coral.

Coral reefs will increase, but so will marine life. After only a short time under the water, the statues began to be transformed by nature.

In time, all the statues will be covered and Cancun National Marine Park figures will barely be visible [5] The museum also benefits the community by attracting tourists.

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