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Queulat National Park Chile

Queulat National Park Chile

The park is famous for strong winds. The eastern arm measures about 1. The park had to be evacuated, including about tourists and employees of CONAF , because at hours local time the volcano Llaima erupted. This represents double the July—October winter rainfall, which are the drier months.

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History[ edit ] Torres del Paine Lady Florence Dixiein her book published Queulat National Park Chilegave one of the first descriptions of the area and referred to the three towers as Cleopatra’s Needles. The park is famous for strong winds. The windiest months are November – January, [18] which coincides with the peak tourism season. This represents double the July—October winter rainfall, which are the drier months.

A study of the exact chemical components of the precipitation in the park has been carried out. The courses of water come from a longitudinal profile and are very turbulent with brusque changes in course, generated by waterfalls and rapids.

This last glacier is rapidly receding. The largest is Glacier Grey. The eastern arm measures about 1. The longitude of the glacier in its path towards the interior of the park is 15 km. Studies of the glaciers in the park have given scientists a clearer picture of the epochs of the Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt, or what happened after the Queulat National Park Chile glacial age.

Small valleys separate the spectacular granite spires and mountains of the massif. The head of French Valley is a cirque formed by tall cliffs. Cerro Cota is named for its elevation; its highest contour line is about 2, m 6, ft. Cerro Catedral is named so because its east face resembles a cathedral ‘s facade. Ascencio Valley is the normal route to reach the Torres del Paine lookout, which is located at the bank of a milky green tarn.

The highest mountain of the group is Paine Grandewhose height was measured in using GPS and found to be 2, m 9, ft. Glaciers include the DicksonQueulat National Park Chile Grey, and the Tyndall. Only a portion of the latter is within the borders of the park. The main river flowing through the park is Paine River. Looking at the Cuernos del Paine from the Lago del Toro in the morning Geology[ edit ] Much of the geology of the Paine Massif area consists of Cretaceous sedimentary rocks that have been intruded by a Miocene -aged laccolith.

A good example of the latter is the Cuernos del Paine, whose central bands of exposed granite contrast strongly with the dark aspect of their tops, which are remnants of a heavily eroded sedimentary stratum.

In Junescientists uncovered fossils of at least 46 ancient specimens of nearly complete skeletons of dolphin-like creatures called Ichthyosaurs which lived between and 90 million years ago. The finding came after melting glaciers revealed new rock faces beneath. The Great Tehuelche Paleolake vanished after being drained about 7, years before present.

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The remaining stretch of road until the park entrance is the same route previously mentioned. It has an extensive history of violent eruptions of Vulcan and bizarre type that have left remainders of fifty meters of fine sand and volcanic capes very well specified and dregs basaltic lava. The head of French Valley is a cirque formed by tall cliffs. During the eruption, launched vent s and solid material to a thousand feet above the main crater, located to 3, meters, authorities said.