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Denali National Park Fall Colors

Denali National Park Fall Colors

Spring: From early or mid-April until May But the best photographic opportunities in fall might be if you camp at Wonder Lake, or when you cruise the first 13 miles of the park road daily in mornings and evenings during the moose rut – or, if you are fortunate to be able to drive the entire length of the park road in your own vehicle with a road lottery permit. This does not cover protests, riots, or travel-related recommendations. Transit bus service traveling along the Denali Park Road ends the second Thursday after the Labor Day holiday each year.

How to Visit Denali in Fall or Spring

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One of the attractions to Denali Hwy is access to a large remote area in central Alaska. Unlike Hwy 3, which is lined with tall trees often limiting your views of the spectacular Alaska scenery, Denali Hwy passes through large forests of stunted-growth trees allowing you to see the wide and long vistas Alaska is known for.

Another attraction to touring Denali Hwy is seeing the unique fall colors that Alaska offers in the early fall — which is typically late August. Instead of the familiar fall colors of trees that everybody flocks to see in New England, the ground-hugging tundra of Alaska turns color and produces stunningly bright yellows and reds.

Better yet, Denali National Park Fall Colors of those big vistas, you can see these colors for many, many miles. Getting There This tour covers the western half of the Denali Hwy. We did not travel the eastern half which runs between the Susitna River and Richardson Hwy 4. For anybody from the lower 48 States, keep in mind that the driving distances in Alaska are overwhelming. Also keep Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt in mind when you are trying to second guess the available fuel left in your vehicle.

Once on Hwy 8 heading east, the pavement ends after about 2. Hopefully you enjoy driving on dirt roads with lots of pot holes.

So when driving on some of the loooonnng straight sections of Hwy 8, keep a constant lookout for pot holes and try keeping your maximum speed to around 35 mph. From Hwy 3, the bridge over the Susitna River is reached in 54 miles. If you want to continue on to the eastern end of Hwy 3, you can continue another 80 miles to reach Richardson Hwy 4.

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Alerts In Effect

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Fall: From mid-September until snow accumulates typically between late September and late October. The road crews try to open the road to Teklanika River mile 30 as quickly thereafter as possible. Narrated tour bus service begins about a week earlier.