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Alerce Costero National Park

Alerce Costero National Park

Constantly threatened by fire, this tree is currently classified as Endangered EN and the exploitation of timber is strictly forbidden. It is a particularly attractive site for mountain biking. Several bilingual NPS employees will help the group with the challenge of communicating complex natural and cultural resource information and issues in two languages, but employees of both parks have already discovered their commonalities go a long way towards jumping over any language hurdles. It has not, however, been kept safe human activity and is today classes as a threatened area.

¡Bienvenidos! Chilean Rangers from Parque Nacional Alerce Costero Visiting this Week

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The geography of the park make it suitable for many species of endemic birds and mammals with very specific habitat requirement. It has not, however, been kept safe human activity and is today classes as a threatened area. These fires were initiated by Spaniards, Chileans and Europeans. Earlier, from to the Fitzroya woods of Cordillera Pelada also suffered from fires that originated from lightning strikes and indigenous inhabitants.

Access from Corral The main access is route T that runs from Corral to the seaside village of Hueicolla. The road consists of 31 km 19 miles of gravel and 17 km 11 miles of dirt road, suitable only for off-road vehicles or mountain bikes.

The road is in good condition and suitable for all vehicles. The gravel road is in good condition and is suitable for all vehicles. Main features and activities[ edit ] Entry to the park is free, and it is open daily from to As its name suggests, one of the main features of the park are the ancient Fitzroya trees, some of which are thousands of years old, especially Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt the southern area of the park.

The evergreen forest has burnt out patches where forest fires have left their mark, which have given the area its alternative name: “Cordillera Pelada” or “Bald Mountains. The park is a particularly popular site for mountain biking. Toilets and trash cans are located around the park. The 1, “Alerce Milenario” Ancient Fitzroya route leads to a 3,year-old, 4.

The “Piedra del Indio” Indian Stone route leads to an area with views of the mountain range and river. There is a camping Alerce Costero National Park with some equipment such as tables, a wooden shelter, Alerce Costero National Park information.

Conservation in the Alerce Costero National Park.

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It was created in October During this trip employees and partners will visit several areas in the state and national park partnership, demonstrate some of the management practices found to be effective for maintaining, restoring, and interpreting these resources for the public, and hold a working meeting to draft a partnership agreement to define and support future exchanges. The Huilliche people are known to have used the wood for making tools and weapons.