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Dovrefjell National Park

Dovrefjell National Park

Breitengrads beginnt die Polarregion. Schweden ist ein wichtiger Holzproduzent und die Nachfrage beispielsweise der Papierindustrie ist hoch. Snowboarding at Hovden Alpine Centre. SkiGeilo offers 22 lifts, 45 slopes and three terrain parks.

These are Norway’s best ski resorts

Smith Mountain Lake National Park

The village is on the E10, the scenic route across the Lofoten Islands. Where to Stay : Rorbuer, historic fishing cabins renovated for tourists. For kayaking, biking, and skiing in the winter, outfitter Reine Adventure has its office in town. Some of the best rorbuer on the Lofoten Islands—traditional fishermen’s cabins converted into accommodations for travelers—are in or near Reine see Where to Stay in Reine.

And a Coop Market is located in the center of the village, great for stocking up on supplies and having the option of cooking your own meals. Hike Reinebringen map If you had one hike to do on the Lofoten Islands, Reinebringen would be an excellent choice. This steep scramble leads to one the biggest viewpoints on all the Islands: an epic panorama of Reinefjorden and the Lofoten Wall. The trail can be found west of town just past the tunnel.

Dovrefjell National Park is only about meters high but the hike is steep and slippery. Make sure to leave plenty of time to Dovrefjell National Park the views at the top.

The view from Reinebringen Horseid and Bunes Beaches map Two stunning beaches like across the Reinefjorden, and both require taking the morning ferry from Reine followed by a hike. To access Horseid Beach, take the minute Fjordkyss.

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Hier scheint im Sommer zweieinhalb Monate lang die Mitternachtssonne — die Sonne geht also auch nachts nicht unter. Photo: Paul Arthur Lockhart 6. The main rules are easy: Be considerate and thoughtful, pick up your rubbish, and show respect for nature and people. Alpine skiing in Vestlia, Geilo.