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Dubrovnik To Plitvice Lakes National Park

Dubrovnik To Plitvice Lakes National Park

The average relative air humidity is I personally recommend you to choose the itinerary H. Standing out are the stone bellflower, the chimney bellflower, the mullein inula, Dalmatian pellitory and the Illirian iris, which is found growing on the rocks. The general average annual temperature is 7.


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The municipality is part of Lika-Senj County. The seat is located in Korenica. The Plitvice Lakes area has always been regarded as part of Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt historic regions of Lika and Kordun. Topography and geology[ edit ] Terrain[ edit ] The particular geographic position of the Plitvice Lakes and the specific climate features contributed to the emergence of many natural phenomena and a rich biodiversity within this area.

Despite the vicinity to the Mediterranean climatic region, a moderate mountainous climate prevails at the Plitvice Lakes. These climatic conditions prevail due to the Velebit mountain range, which acts as a climatic separator between the coastal region and the Lika high plateau.

For centuries, legends have been created about this mythic mountain range. The availability of water, influenced by the configuration of the terrain, has a great impact on the biodiversity of this area. Dubrovnik To Plitvice Lakes National Park Plitvice Lakes are surrounded by various mountains.

They are also a refuge for many animal species. The large difference in altitude in a narrow space between the mountains in the south and the Korana river in the north also represents a significant criterion for biodiversity in this region. Other caves e. From this place onwards to the lakes, the water masses are referred to as Matica English for water current, can also mean root or origin. Dubrovnik To Plitvice Lakes National Park river is fed by permanent springs; the water quantity, however, varies.

This place is called Sastavci English confluence or composition. The water masses of the Plitvice Lakes and the river Plitvice form the Korana river.

Properties of the underground[ edit ] The Lower Lakes canyon The underground configuration of the Plitvice Lakes consists of various geologic features. This configuration creates different geomorphological phenomena being referred to as dolina sinkholepoljeuvalaponoretc. In the future, the analysis of underground water courses could be an interesting field of research for speleologists.

Up to now, little has been known about these unexplored courses. At first sight, a lack of water in the karst region could be ascertained. However, this is only the case on the surface. The major part of natural phenomena takes place underground, where an abundance of water exists. Due to the features of limestone, many rivers drain away into the rock. Therefore, extensive underground river systems exist. Upon reaching hard rock, rivers emerge on the surface. This phenomenon of underground karst rivers Croatian rijeka ponornica can also be observed at the Plitvice Lakes.

Tufa sediments have been formed from the Pleistocene onwards in sinkholes or depressed areas between the surrounding mountains. Generally seen, the underground of the Plitvice Lakes could be categorized into two zones. The Upper Lakes in the south predominantly consist of dolomite rock. The Lower lakes in the north predominantly consist of limestone rock.

Dolomite rock is slightly harder than limestone. Though fragile upon physical influence, dolomite rock has lower water permeability properties. At the Upper Lakes several little lakes have formed parallel to each other and a rather shallow water flow can be observed. The Lower Lakes, however, are much larger and virtually drill their path through the rock.

They have formed a canyonwhich continues as river Korana. Climate[ edit ] Climograph of the city of Ogulin north of the lakes On average, the annual precipitation rate at the Plitvice Lakes is 1, mm Usually, in spring and fall autumn the largest rain quantities are measured. The average relative air humidity is In January, the average temperature is 2. During the summer months of July and August, the temperature rises to The…

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This place is called Sastavci English confluence or composition. Trek deep into the wooded area with your camera and stay quiet and still. The water becomes significantly mineralized, super-saturated with calcium and magnesium-hydrogencarbonate.