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Bear Ears National Park

Bear Ears National Park

Summer Heat Safety Summer temperatures in this area may reach over degrees Fahrenheit. Educate yourself on the terrain you are entering. Energy Fuels, a Canadian uranium producer which operates the only uranium mine and mill near the monument’s original boundaries via their US subsidiary Energy Fuels Resources, holds about one third of those claims. Use a walking stick to check under brush or around crevices where recoiled snakes could lay.

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Newspaper Rock Tips For Visiting With Respect The monument contains many archaeological sites and artifacts that are integral to American history and sacred to Indigenous peoples. By treading softly and leaving things as we find them, we show respect for those who came before us and those who will visit these places after us. Leave All Artifacts Artifacts are sacred to modern Indigenous peoples, and scientists can learn valuable lessons about the past when objects stay where they are.

Vandalism of petroglyphs and pictographs erases stories of ancient people and destroys the experience for future visitors. Bear Ears National Park Clear of Walls Structures are easily damaged. Please refrain from touching, leaning, standing, or climbing on any structures, no matter how solid they look. Guide Children Through Sites Archaeological sites are not playgrounds. Teach children to respect these places. Please make sure to leash pets and keep them away from the site.

Avoid Building Cairns Cairns can increase impacts on sensitive sites and are a form of vandalism to Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt world that detracts from the wild beauty of the area. Leave placement of trail directional signs and cairns to land managers. Main St. Bluff, UT Phone: Be sure to always check road, trail, and weather conditions before heading out.

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He supports repealing or shrinking the designation. The National Monument provides outstanding opportunities for motorized recreation. Checking the local weather forecast is advisable, but you should realize that conditions change quickly, and it is impossible to predict where heavy rain will occur.