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Rocky Mountain National Park Forum

Rocky Mountain National Park Forum

It’s alot closer than Arches, Canyonlands, and the sand dunes. Add to that the fact that you lose 3 to 5 degrees for each ft. But we love it there. What is trail ridge road like in the pre dawn or In the evening?

RMNP early or end of trip – Rocky Mountain National Park Forum

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Traveling back and forth would cost you two days with nothing much to see along the way. Believe me, I know. We go to Canyonlands every year, either in late Sept. But we love it Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt. The landscape is very different compared to what you’d find in RMNP.

Both Canyonlands and Arches have Rocky Mountain National Park Forum and shower facillities nearby which are available for a price. But you MUST carry water with you, especially this year because of Rocky Mountain National Park Forum lack of rain. Just bring the right gear.

But, first time camper, huh? The higher you go in altitude, the colder it gets. The entrance to RMNP is close to ft. But, personally I’d rather take my 15 degree bag. Sleeping pad, camp stove, pot, spoon, cup, etc. A cooler would be good because you can shop at the Safeway in EStes Park I lived there for three years and know that place too but things tend to be a little overpriced in town because locals like to soak the tourists.

Better if you can shop in Loveland or Boulder on the way up. Well, you’ll save a couple of bucks anyway. Also, the Diamond Shamrock gas station in Lyons consistenly charges cents less for gasoline than any station in Estes. Fill up before you drive up. Sleeping in a car is not too comfortable unless the seats convert into a bed. As for safety I don’t like to recommend Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt alone because we go into some very remote areas and the potential for danger is always there.

I would not let my daughter go alone. But if you stay in one of the designated campgrounds in RMNP Rocky Mountain National Park Forum be with other tourists and even families. Check at the park headquarters for availability. There are bears in EStes who will come into town at night and dig through trash cans, so don’t keep food in your tent. I doubt if you will see a mountain lion. Bears I have seen, but not mountain lions.

I actually don’t know that Ooops Anyway, there has been only one fatal attack by a mountain lion. Still, always use common sense. The suggestion about not hiking alone at twilight is right Rocky Mountain National Park Forum the money but, stupid me, I have hiked the park at night, by myself, to shoot the falls during full moon nights And yes, I was a little nervous, Cell phone should work in Estes and lower elevations in the park but in the visitor center at 11,ft mine didn’t work.

Also, don’t leave it on because your battery will drain too quickly on analog roam. Turn it on only when you Rocky Mountain National Park Forum to make a call. Skip the sand dunes. You have to be there at the right time of day, the right season, with the right weather to get anything usable.

Elk will be plentiful in RMNP but you may find it somewhat difficult to get a frame-filling shot of one with mm. But then they’re everywhere, even on the golf course and the football field. There are moose on the Grand Lake side. Sometimes the easiest way to spot an animal is to look for all the parked cars.

Don’t forget tripod! As far as I’m concerned it’s the best food in town. German Chef, not expensive. Everybody is wondering about the wildflowers and fall color this year. The lack of moisture could throw a major curve ball…

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Ok, hope you have a nice trip. As for safety Those of us who live in Colorado think the best weather month is September.