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Mountain Goat Glacier National Park

Mountain Goat Glacier National Park

Precise measurements of glacial areas started with the Vaux family and A. The mean annual precipitation in subalpine areas is 1. Like much of British Columbia, the region was first studied by the prolific surveyor and geologist Dr.

Glacier National Park – Montana

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Illecillewaet Glacier The park has glaciers over 0. The last glacial period ended about 12, years ago, before which all but the highest peaks of the park were covered in ice. The movements of these rivers of ice formed the steep-sided, U-shaped valleys of the park. They also rounded the lesser peaks; ranges in the west of the park show this effect.

The glaciers of the park have been dramatically reduced in size in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Precise measurements of glacial areas started with the Vaux family and A.

Wheeler in the s. Modern measurements using satellite imagery began with Simon Ommaney’s work in the s. Regular inventories of the parks glaciers have been performed since, with the latest collating data up to Formerly known as the Great Glacier, it was a major tourist attraction during the Glacier House period from to The glacier’s terminusformerly a short walk from the Glacier House site, has retreated far up the mountainside. The park’s glaciers have a variety of appearances, with high altitude features smooth and uniform, cracked and riddled with crevasses on the slopes, and black with debris on the valley bottoms.

In summer, many of the glaciers take on a red tint; this is the result of a variety of snow Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt known as watermelon snow.

Park rivers are swift-running and glacially-fed, and have helped carve out the steep valleys and canyons. They carry much silt and rocky debris with them, and often have a milky white appearance. In the summer months, these rivers have noticeable diurnal cycles ; they run high in the afternoons as the snow and ice melt is at its peak, then drop considerably with lower nighttime temperatures.

Large creeks and brooks include Mountain, Cougar which runs underground through the Nakimu Cavesand Battle. The Beaver and Illecillewaet flood occasionally; and saw flooding damage to the highway and railway. Mountain Goat Glacier National Park much of British Columbia, the region was first studied by the prolific surveyor and geologist Dr. George Mercer Dawson in Topographical maps were first produced by A. Wheeler in the early s, and in the s, Wheeler’s grandson, Dr. John Wheeler, conducted an extensive geological survey from land and air.

Lime from coral and other organic life was compressed into limestone, which is seen in the Cougar Brook area. Veins of marble are present in the metamorphic rock of the high peaks. Geologists have classed the rocks of the Columbia Mountains into groups, several of which appear in the northern Selkirks. The slates are in the Horsethief Creek and Lardeau groups, quartzite is in the Hamill group, limestone is part of the Badshot Formation, while the metamorphic rocks are classed in the Shuswap Metamorphic Complex.

First discovered inand originally named the Caves of Cheops, then Deutchmann Caves, [30] this Mountain Goat Glacier National Park 3.

The limestone is broken down and softened by carbonic acid in the brook’s water. The water also contains pulverised rock from glacial processes, which serve to further etch and cut new passages in the rock. Access by organized groups and experienced speleologists is allowed with a permit.

Animal life in the park ranges from large mammals like caribou and grizzly bear to bird species such as Steller’s jay and the golden eagle. Flora[ edit ] The valleys on the western side of the park support dense wet forests, with a thick understory.

The widest valleys, such as the Illecillewaet, Mountain Goat Glacier National Park a rare wetlands environment, featuring skunk cabbage and water hemlock.

Outside of the wetlands,…

Adventure unfolds in every direction.

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Meanwhile, proponents of protecting the region kept up their efforts. Topographical maps were first produced by A. If you are familiar with the road, look about one third up from the bottom just to the right of the middle of the view.

Goat Trail Glacier National Park

Goat Trail Glacier National Park

In about 0. Just past south of this spot, you can scramble up to a notch and from there carefully descend to the Ptarmigan Trail if you have need to make an early exit from the route. The glacier that is creating this “glacier flour” is Thunderbird Glacier, located high above the waterfall on the famous Thunderbird Mountain that is looming above Shannon in this photo.

Ptarmigan Wall Goat Trail

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Relatively few people know that on the back west side of this dramatic formation, there is an excellent and amazing goat trail that hugs its sheer cliffs for nearly four miles between Ptarmigan Tunnel north end and Ahern Pass south end. The route is highly exposed in many places, but, discounting some snow work or Class 3 scrambling required to reach it, it is, in the end, just a hike, though not a hike to be taken lightly even by veteran mountaineers.

Let’s just call it mountaineering for lack of a better word. Here, a “goat trail” is exactly that. It is not maintained by humans. It is created and “maintained” primarily by mountain goats but also by bighorn sheep and, to a much lesser extent, other wildlife I have seen black bears utilizing high-elevation goat trails.

The route is worthy just on its own merits and would still be worthwhile even on an overcast day when the peaks are hidden from view, but on a nice day, the views are beyond spectacular, and they reveal parts of Glacier National Park that very few visitors ever see. For example, one can combine this route with a climb up or down Iceberg Notchcreating a grand tour of the Ptarmigan Wall about 18 miles in length.

Or, combine it with the Highline Trail via Granite Park; this will be an overnighter, and distance will vary according to how one gets to or from Granite Park. This page, though, aims to provide enough details to help the first-time visitor to this awesome location have a safe and enjoyable excursion.

Another important purpose is to point out and clarify some problems I found with the route description provided in J. Two of many incredible views This is the way to go if climbing from Ptarmigan Tunnel or Iceberg Lake. Mary east or West Glacier west. This approach will take you to Ahern Pass, which is about 5 miles from Granite Park. Three days later, I accessed the route from the north end. Based on my experiences, I strongly recommend that any person or party following this route for the first time, even with guidebook in hand, should go from north to Goat Trail Glacier National Park.

Also, the route trends downhill from north to south, though it is not all downhill. It is no exaggeration that this can be a dangerous route. In Augustan experienced hiker who had done the route before though from north to south died while descending from Ahern Pass in search of the goat trail. Some information can be found in this article ; details are vague, but it seems as though the man fell either on the snowfield below the pass or while trying to bypass the snowfield. The man’s hiking partners, who had not been on the route before, had stayed higher in search of the trail but eventually cliffed out.

This incident, sad as it is, also underscores the dangers and route-finding difficulties that can exist on this route, especially for first-time climbers and for those traveling south to north.

Route Part Approach to the Main Goat Trail I used the Edwards guide since I was alone and climbing this route for the first time, but I found two problems, one quite significant, with his description, and my comments on those problems are in italicized paragraphs. Hike to Ptarmigan Tunnel, which is 5. Just beyond Ptarmigan Falls, make sure you notice the trail junction and bear right, or you will be heading to Iceberg Lake. At the south end of the tunnel the side before you enter…

Traverse from Ptarmigan Tunnel to Ahern Pass

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If not, there are other options However, if you are reported overdue from a hike, this document would help search personnel concentrate search efforts along your intended route saving critical time and possibly reducing risks to those that go looking for you. She just passed Lake Janet, and in now on her way to Lake Francis. This approach will take you to Ahern Pass, which is about 5 miles from Granite Park.