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Gokyo Ri National Park

Gokyo Ri National Park

As our trek duration is shorter today, we will have an afternoon to spare at Machhermo. I think you must earn a trip to this gorgeous location once in their lifetime. The lake and its environs are sacred sites of religious and cultural significance to both Buddhists and Hindus. You will walk from Namche to the village of Kyanjuma as the first section of the trek.

Gokyo RI Sagarmatha National Park

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It is located on the west side of the Ngozumpa glacierwhich is the largest glacier in Nepal and reputed to be the largest in the whole Himalayas. Gokyo 4, m, 15, ft above sea levelat the base of Gokyo Ri, is a small hamlet of a few stone houses and one of the highest settlements in the world.

The Gokyo trek is a fairly popular trekking route. The route itself ends at Gokyo Ri, and trekkers typically turn around at this point and retrace their Gokyo Ri National Park back to the trailhead. There is an alternative mountaineering route that begins near the southern tip of Ngozumpa Glacier and just south of Gokyo Ri National Park Lake. This alternative route leads east over the Cho Laa pass at 5, m 17, ftwhere it meets with the main Everest Base Camp trek.

It is usually visited during the circuit trek of Everest Base Camp with 3 Passes trek. It is slightly off route while visiting Everest base camps Nepal side but thousands of backpackers still visit it for the Gokyo Lakes beauty.

There is another higher summit just north of where the main Gokyo trek route ends. It stands at an altitude of 5, m Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt, ft above sea level.

Trip Overview

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It comprises six freshwater lakes with the largest being The Gokyo Lake tripled kicks off with a flight to Lukla, followed by an endless walk to Gokyo Valley. After reaching Namche, you can rest in your hotel for the day. Visitors will be walking past three passes including Cho La Pass and Renjo La to end up at the base camp. You will rest for the day after you hike to Lukla.