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Manovo Gounda National Park

Manovo Gounda National Park

Habitats and Biodiversity – The park boasts of a rich biodiversity, representing elements from both East and West Africa regions. Spinage, C. But you need to check the situation regarding safety to travel before you make arrangements. Other hunting areas and reserves are also connected with the property, resulting in a contiguous area of 80, km2 of protected areas.

Manovo-Gounda St. Floris National Park

River Bend National Park

Andrew Macova England – Manovo Gounda National Park – When my wife and I went to Africa with a few friends in order to see the wildlife, we didn’t expect to be travelling this far away from where we were staying. The vast amount of wildlife was overwhelming and when my wife managed Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt touch a deer Manovo Gounda National Park was overjoyed.

It was an amazing experience and we had a truly bewildering time. The other bases were at Gordil, Biroua, Ndele and Sangba. I was responsible for the training of anti-poaching units who were responsible for the security of the wildlife and habitats within the Parks boundaries. Unfortunately the are no longer rhino in the region having been totally removed by poaching. The remaining Hippo and Elephant are under severe poaching threat and will follow the rhino if action to secure their environment is not met.

Unfortunately the country is not stable enough to support a tourist trade in the northern region. If the stabilty of the region were to change for the better and tourism infrastructure improved this Parc will offer a treasure of natural beauty and wildlife not witnessed in many parts of Africa.

But you need to check the situation regarding safety to travel before you make arrangements. Hunting Safaris are available and offer world class hunting. Community Rating.

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About 57 mammal species have been identified over the years in the park. IUCN, Balafon,