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Hallasan National Park

Hallasan National Park

The occurrence of the highest temperature coincides with the formation position of Eddy, and when the wind is weak, it is formed in the middle mountain region. It takes about four hours by bus or three hours by car to reach the park from Seoul. For a bigger, outdoor theme park experience, Everland is about 45 minutes outside Seoul and is Korea’s version of Disneyland.

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Names[ edit ] Hallasan is the highest mountain in South Korea and is worshipped by people as they believe that gods and spirits live on the mountain. Hallasan[ edit ] Han represents the universe, and la means “pull”. Both words mean that the mountain is high enough to pull the universe. Jinan[ edit ] The name represents a mountain that is located at the back side of a town and protects the town’s residents.

Jeju people called Hallasan Jinan because Hallasan blocked winds that were blowing from the Pacific Ocean and also protected the residents.

Dumuak[ edit ] Dumuak is another name for Hallasan. The name represents the bold head mountain. According to a legend, a hunter accidentally ripped God’s belly button. God expressed his anger by ripping off the peak of Hallasan.

Wonsan[ edit ] Wonsan became the name of Hallasan because the center of the mountain is the highest point and the mountain looks like a circular cone. On a very clear day, Hanllasan is visible from the mainland. Yeongjusan[ edit ] Yeongjusan was believed to be a habitat for a plant species that made people immortal.

According to a legend, immortal wizards of Korea used to live in Hallasan. They were immortal Hallasan National Park of this special plant. Qinshi Huang wanted the plant to live forever Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt ordered his men to get the plant AD.

Buak[ edit ] Buak became the name of Hallasan, because of the peak of the mountain. The crater of the mountain looks like a big pond. According to a legend, a white deer used to drink the water here. The mountain has been designated Korea’s Natural Monument no. The organic contents of the soil are higher than any other soil in South Korea, but drainage is also better than any other place in South Korea.

The soil is not the best for farming. Eruptions of basalt and trachyte lava built the island above sea level, and it now reaches a height of 1, metres 6, ft. A large volcanic crater over m 1, ft in diameter tops the volcano. It is formed by the collapse of the top of the ridge by the movement of magma underground.

Depending on the season, the circumference of the lake is up to 2 kilometers with a depth up to about meters. The configurative rocks of the eastern and western walls of Baengnokdam are different.

The eastern wall is covered with basalt lava 2—5 m thick at its top. In the lower part, there is a high-concentration stream sediment layer of the Tamra layer.

The western wall is made of the trachyte lava dome. The volcanic wall formed by the eruption of the lava should be composed of lava, analysis. However, the eastern wall is composed of the clastic sedimentary sediments, so it is not a crater by lava eruption but a pit crater.

Namely, the trachyte magma, which formed the Baengnokdam trachyte, was elevated on the dome, and the trachyte magma formed lava dome at its top. The inclination and direction of the Tamra Formation of Baengnokdam cannot be measured directly at Baengnokdam, but it is N10W of slope and 30NE of slope measured near the valley below North Baengnokdam, 1, m above sea level. When the south winds flow into the sea, sea winds form around Hallasan, and the sea breeze is formed on the downwind side of the sea.

On the coast, winds and the sea breezes gather around the coasts to form a persistent eddyand the highest temperature occurs in the region where the…

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Depending on the season, the circumference of the lake is up to 2 kilometers with a depth up to about meters. Both words mean that the mountain is high enough to pull the universe. The mountain is also the location of Jonjaamji , a pagoda preserving relics of the Buddha.