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Bahia Honda National Park

Bahia Honda National Park

The silver palm hammock in The concessionaire at the marina provides wifi for park visitors and has a coffee shop and snack bar. We were a little disappointed by Coco Plum Beach. Inside the State Park itself there are many things to do: there are 3 gorgeous beaches, a marina, and water activities. We saw lots of colourful fish while snorkeling at Loggerhead Beach including garfish and schools of bright yellow and blue fish.

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Water has cut extensive caves through Cerro Barra Honda and the other small mountains creating the best know feature of this National Park. However, the park also has Bahia Honda National Park maintained hiking trails. The caves are all in relatively good condition because their vertical entrances are difficult to negotiate. This is also why you need climbing gear, a guide, and permission from the Parks service in advance to enter them.

The caves range from a few feet to over feet meters deep. Pozo Hediondo Fetid Pit Cave was named for the aroma of the guano deposited by thousands of resident bats. Until the caverns were discovered and explored in the late sixties, many believed that Cerro Barra Honda Bahia Honda National Park a volcano because of the roaring sounds made by the bats as they departed the caverns en masse, and the fumes from the caves they occupied.

Hiking at Barra Honda The network of hiking trails used to access the caverns Bahia Honda National Park great for exploring one of the rarest habitats on earth, tropical dry forest. Any time of year you can hope to see howler monkeys, deer, racoons, peccaries, kinkajous, agoutis, and Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt. Maps are available at the ranger station. When to Visit and Where to Stay at Barra Honda Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt caves are not open in the wet season because of the danger of flooding by the torrential rains that carved them from the stone.

If you are a spelunker the dry season is your best bet. Cabinas and Camping Bahia Honda National Park If you are traveling on a budget, spend the night. At the ranger station a few minutes up a good gravel road from the entrance closed from about dusk until am there are four rustic cabinas with bunks for six or eight each. We also felt comfortable walking on the broad main trail after dark, when you hear and see a whole new group of birds, insects and animals.

There is a camping area next to the ranger station, across the road from the cabinas. Once you rejoin Bahia Honda National Park main road, continue southwest about 10 km then turn right towards the villages of Barra Honda and also known as Nacaome Santa Ana, and follow signs for the park entrance.

The park headquarters is through the gate closed at dusk less than a mile up a good gravel road 4WD not required on the left. Bus Unfortunately there is not a direct way to reach Barra Honda by bus. Hours The gate is open from a. Hiking trails Maps are available at the ranger station.

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If that is a possibility for you, it is fun to ride the length of Bahia Honda 3. How much is camping? Sadly, Sandspur Beach was closed due to damage from Hurricane Irma when we visited. The next morning we woke up and visited Caloosa Beach to find many holiday makers relaxing by the shore, having picnics and frolicking in the crystal clear water.