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La Tigra National Park Honduras

La Tigra National Park Honduras

We spent one and a half hours sitting on a tiny log on the side of the road. Therefore, try to time your visit better. Special Birds. If you have lots of time left, why not go for another short walk through the park?

La Tigra National Park

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First, you need to make your way to Parque Herrera. This park is only a couple of blocks west of Parque Central, and you can walk here via a pedestrian zone. People will point you to the right one. From Monday to Friday, buses leave at 7am, am and am. On Saturday and Sunday, the schedule changes and the buses leave at 8am, and 10am.

Expect bumpy roads and lots of stops along the way. Eventually, the bus will turn around, and everyone gets off. This is the final stop, and you need to get out here, too. For visiting La Tigra, it pays off to have a map on your phone that you can use offline. We use maps. Now all you need to do is to keep walking along the road. It takes about thirty minutes to get to the park entrance. Here, you will also receive a map of the park and information on how long it takes to walk each trail.

You also sometimes have the option to hire a guide. Without one, I would have missed out on many sloths, anteaters and monkeys. La Tigra National Park is known for its cloud forest. The trails reach an altitude of up to metres, which means that the flora and fauna you can find up here are different from those in the lower jungles.

On the map and on signposts around the park, you will find approximate walking times for the trails. We started along the main path, took a long break, and then returned along the Cloud Forest path.

It took us around three hours, which is way shorter than it should have been according to the signs. And that already included a Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt long lunch break.

Our path took us uphill, through the forest which changed from dry woods to cloud forest with lots of ferns and moss, and then back again. But as I said, if you want to see animals, it makes sense to ask around if you can hire a guide. What to bring to La Tigra National Park The number one item you need to bring into the national park is insect repellent. Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt had only been walking for five La Tigra National Park Honduras when a swarm of mosquitos came and attacked us.

The other thing you absolutely need to bring Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt enough water. While there are shops at the park entrance, you cannot find any vendors inside the park. The trails start by going uphill, so you will be sweating, and you need to take enough water to stay hydrated.

Also, consider packing your own snacks. We had a packed lunch that we ate while sitting on a bench in the middle of the forest. It definitely beats the cafeteria near the entrance. Besides that, we recommend the following items: Comfortable walking shoes Rain poncho it is the cloud forest, after all Camera plus spare batteries Powerbank Light jacket or sweater — La Tigra is higher up than Tegucigalpa, and it can get cold in the shade Sunscreen Getting back to Tegucigalpa This is where it gets a little bit tricky.

Getting to La Tigra is no problem at all. Going back, however, requires you to find out the bus schedule. Before setting off into the park, make sure to inquire about the last bus back! The bus back to Tegucigalpa leaves from here For us, it left at half past three, but on some days, it already…

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Yes No Unsure Is this a place or activity you would suggest for families with kids? This is the final stop, and you need to get out here, too. Or visit Copan Ruinas and then travel onwards to El Salvador.

Pico Bonito National Park Honduras

Pico Bonito National Park Honduras

John showed me to the room and it was just beautiful. Also, if you want to start a blog, and start to change your life, I’d love to help you! The beaches, pristine coral reefs, and lush green jungle hold an incredible array of species like marine turtles, dolphins, manatees, caimans, ocelots, peccaries, and monkeys. We hiked to a waterfall, went river rafting, explored the jungle paths during the day and night and took a day trip to Cacao Lagoon to kayak through the mangroves.

La Ceiba Pico Bonito National Park Honduras Main Attractions

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There is a reason for this. It is one of the largest parks in the Honduras National Park System. It gets its name from the beautiful triangular shaped peak that towers over the City of La Ceiba. Its territory starts at sea Pico Bonito National Park Honduras with a Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt rain forest vegetation.

Then it transitions towards a tropical cloud forest with the change of altitude. Finally in turns into a pine forest and a very dry tropical forest in the backside. With altitudes that vary from sea level to feet at its peak, there are many different climates within this park. There are several ways to get to enjoy Pico Bonito. The best gateway is the city of La Ceibacapital of Atlantida. You can however make a day trip to Pico Bonito is you are in Tela and even if you are in the Bay Islands.

This is possible since the ferry service from the islands arrives early in the morning to La Ceiba and departs in the late afternoon. There are three different accesses you can use to enter the park.

The Cangrejal River is a natural boundary on the eastern end of the park. There you will enter the park Pico Bonito National Park Honduras crossing the river over a fascinating swing bridge.

Make sure you bring your camera, the bridge is much to the like of those that you saw in the Indiana Jones Pico Bonito National Park Honduras There is a network of trails once in the park. You can see these falls from the road. After the hike, you can grab a bite at the nearby Restaurante La Jungla, located in the Omega Tours complex before heading back into town.

If you have time and like the rain forest, you should plan on staying a couple of nights and enjoying the many different activities available in this part of Pico Bonito National Park. Entrance is through the community of El Pino, on the western side of La Ceiba. The Lodge at Pico Bonito offers tours through their private trails.

They also have fantastic accommodations you can stay in if you are looking for s deluxe jungle setting. Last but not least is the Rio Zacate trail, which is also in the community of El Pino. This was the original trail into Pico Bonito National Park. However it has not been as well maintained and the facilities in the area are quite limited. The steep trail leads up the mountain and the final destination is the beautiful El Zacate Waterfall.

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There are a few trails you can follow, and maps are available at the entrance. I love travelling to tropical countries and exploring jungles, despite being a city-dweller. There is a reason for this. The best gateway is the city of La Ceiba , capital of Atlantida.