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Huascaran National Park

Huascaran National Park

Multiday access can be bought if you spend many days around Huascaran. It reaches a summit of 20, feet 6, m. When reading about Huascaran before my travel, I learnt three important things: 1. Criterion vii : Huascaran National Park covers a considerable part of the Cordillera Blanca, the highest tropical mountain range in the World.

Huascaran National Park: Address, Huascaran National Park Reviews: 4.5/5

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South America Huascaran National Park is located in the Andes mountains of Peru just north of the center point of the country. The park covers an area of 1, square miles 3, sq km making it the 7th largest national park in the country. The heart of the national park lies in the Cordillera Blanca mountain range which is the central part of the larger Andes. Along with the spectacular mountain range and picturesque mountainous landscapes, the park features glacial lakes, tremendous U-shaped valleys, and at least tropical glaciers.

This makes the national park the largest Huascaran National Park glaciated area in the world. The vegetation habitats include subalpine, alpine, and tundra. Additionally, the habitats include high Andean forests and montane grasslands. One of the floral highlights is the Queen of the Andes, locally known as the puya de Raimondi.

It reaches heights as tall as 50 feet 15 m and provides a striking column or stalk that reaches toward the sky. The varied ecosystem provides habitats to support the diverse wildlife of the area. Some of the favorite species include jaguar, cougar, llama, guanaco, white-tailed deer, marsh deer, spectacled bear, tapir, crocodile, vicuna, Andean deer, and the Andean fox.

There are over species of birds that add to the diverse wildlife experience for animal lovers. Huascaran Pictures Back to Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt Highlights There are a good handful of mountains reaching summits over 19, feet 6, m.

The mountains of Cordillera Blanca are the primary appeal of the national park and at the focal point of the range is Mount Huascaran. It is also the 4th tallest mountain in South America with the tallest being Aconcagua. The mountain features two summits. The southern peak counts as the tallest with the northern summit coming in at 21, feet 6, m. The mountain is comprised of granite. Because of the equator, the summit represents one of the furthest points from the center of the earth.

The peak delivers the least amount of gravitational pull. Mount Huandoy Mount Huandoy is a striking mountain with a sharp peak. It reaches a summit of 20, feet 6, m. Mount Huandoy is the second tallest mountain in Peru and the Cordillera Blanca mountain range. The mountain features four different peaks with Huandoy being the tallest, Huandoy-West at 21, feet 6, mHuandoy-South at Andean Condor The Andean Condor is the largest flying bird in the world based on weight and wingspan.

It features a maximum wingspan of 10 feet 10 inches 3. It is a massive black vulture with white feathers that circle around the neck. Laguna Paron Outlook Trail: This is a short 1. The trek out delivers a tremendous panoramic view of the lake.

The trail is rated easy and family-friendly. Seeing wildflowers is one of the potential highlights of the journey along with the views. Laguna 69 Trail: This trail is rated moderate. It ascends 2, feet m while traveling out 8. Scenic views of the mountain occur along the way with a panoramic view of a lake as the highlight at the end of the trail. It takes about 6 hours to complete.

Huascaran Sur Trail: This is Huascaran National Park challenging and difficult trek with an elevation gain of 12, feet m over a distance of Along with accomplishing the challenge of reaching the end, the journey offers a variety of scenic mountainous views. Llanganuco Lakes Trail: This is a 6-hour journey that traverses along lakes, at the feet of some black-walled cliffs, and into the cloud forest. You will also cross over a pre-Inca stone…

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I booked everything from a single operator and bargained a bundle with him to get a better price. Community Rating. Mount Huandoy Mount Huandoy is a striking mountain with a sharp peak. The varied ecosystem provides habitats to support the diverse wildlife of the area.