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Alejandro De Humboldt National Park

Alejandro De Humboldt National Park

Management is also to address tourism which may increase in importance thereby bearing the risk of adverse impacts but also representing opportunities in terms of future conservation financing. Therefore they require permanent monitoring and, when needed, management responses. Please take the opportunity to buy from the locals as they are very poor and a few small purchases mean a lot.

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Geography[ edit ] The rivers that flow off the peaks of the park are some of the largest in the insular Caribbean. The park has an Alejandro De Humboldt National Park of Elevation ranges from sea level to 1, m 3, ft on El Toldo Peak.

Wildlife[ edit ] 16 of Cuba’s 28 endemic plant species are protected in the park including such flora Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt Dracaena cubensis and Podocarpus ekman.

Fauna present in the park includes various Alejandro De Humboldt National Park of parrotslizards, hummingbirdsthe endangered Cuban solenodon endemichutia and snails. Important Bird Area[ edit ] History[ edit ] The Alexander von Humboldt National Park has historically been an area of land little used by man, with only one archaeological site from the pre-Columbian period being known; this is located in the coastal zone of Aguas Verdes. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries some peripheral places were used as refuges or camps by maroons.

The park began to be laid out in the s, with the declaration of the Jaguani and Cupeyal del Norte nature reserves. This continued into the s with the proposal of the Ojito del Agua Refuge, associated with the last sighting of the royal woodpeckera last remnant of this species which was already extinct in its other habitats in the United States and Mexico.

In these protected areas were united to form a national park that was named after Alexander von Humboldt. There are unique flora and fauna elements in this unique ecosystem, with some of the highest indexes of endemicity in the archipelago.

Explore the important area in Cuba, declared World in 2001.

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Would you like to visit this beautiful national park on an active adventure in Cuba? Important rivers, including the Toa River, Cuba’s largest river, rise in the forested mountains, boasting remarkable freshwater biodiversity. There are plenty of options on how to visit this site, we chose to take part in a guided tour that included 4 hour long trek around the National park. Fauna present in the park includes various species of parrots , lizards, hummingbirds , the endangered Cuban solenodon endemic , hutia and snails.