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Hyde Park National Historic Site

Hyde Park National Historic Site

Roosevelt contributed many ideas for the new design, but since the building work was paid for by his mother Sara, she had to find compromises which also took the financial aspect into account. From the date of purchase until his death 34 years later in , James made many improvements of the house and property. The “Snuggery”[ edit ] This room was used by Roosevelt’s mother, Sara, for beginning her day and conducting her business of running the household. Bedrooms of Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt[ edit ] During the enlargement of the house in , a suite of rooms was created for Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt in one of the new wings.

Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site

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John Bard purchased land on the east side of the Albany Post Roadwhere he built Red House and developed the agricultural aspects of the eastern section of the property that continued through Frederick and Louise Vanderbilt’s occupancy.

Bard family ownership continued through with his son, Dr. Samuel Bard —owning the property from to InDr. Their son Walter inherited and occupied the estate to the time of his death in Attracted to the Hudson Valley and the land on the east bank of the Hudson River, Frederick and his wife settled into their acre ha estate.

The house was designed and built between —, and was primarily used as a vacation home for Frederick Vanderbilt’s family. The previous owners of the estate had made it well known for its grand landscape and Hyde Park National Historic Site of different plants and trees throughout the property. Encouraged by President Franklin D. The house has a classic Beaux-Arts plan, with the major public rooms on its ground floor — the central Elliptical Hall, Dining Room, and Living Room — all in one line, parallel to the Hudson River.

The second floor rooms, comprising Mrs. The third floor contains five additional guest bedrooms, and a Servants’ Hall separated from the guests’ rooms by a door at the main staircase. Supported by both concrete and steel, the Vanderbilt mansion was considered modern for its time. The mansion also included plumbing and forced hot air central heating and electric lighting which was powered by a hydroelectric plant built on the estate on the Crumb Elbow stream.

The Vanderbilt estate had electric lighting Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt the surrounding area. Herter Brothers and A. Davenport and Company were subcontractors who executed McKim’s interior designs. Gardens[ edit ] The Italian gardens are detached from the house Hyde Park National Historic Site incorporated formal elements typical of the Italian style.

This meant that the beds were arranged in such a way that if you drew a line across the middle, either horizontally or vertically, one side of the line would mirror the other side. These formal gardens also consisted of multiple tiers, which depended on the type of plants.

Each level was different.

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Specimens from his boyhood collection of birds are also on display as well as a sculpture of him when he was In , Franklin D. He enlarged the servants’ wing of the building, adding two rooms, and had a spacious carriage house built in the vicinity. These alterations gave the exterior of the house the look of a mansion in the Colonial Revival Style.