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Volcan Irazu National Park

Volcan Irazu National Park

The roads are in good condition and signs mark the route clearly. The Crater Principal lake has an unusual greenish yellow coloring caused by rainfall dissolving the minerals along the craters walls. Students of higher education must cancel the fare for domestic or non-resident visitors, over 13 years old. Temperatures hover around freezing, and constant winds and saturating humidity contribute to the bitter cold at the rim.

IrazĂș Volcano National Park

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Geology[ edit ] The irazu volcano is a complex volcanic shield. It is the highest active volcano in Costa Rica, and has an area of km2 sq mi. Its five craters are easily differentiated. The Diego de la Haya crater is metres 2, ft in diameter and metres ft deep.

But Volcan Irazu National Park University volcanologists found that the eruption of Costa Rica’s Irazu volcano in was likely triggered by magma that took a nonstop route from the mantle over just a few months. Study authors called it the highway from hell. Kennedy started a state visit to Costa Rica. All historical eruptions have been explosiveand there have been many phreatic eruptionsand some have produced pyroclastic flows. The latest eruption lasted only 1 day, and occurred on December 8, It occurred at a flank vent and was a phreatic eruption, which produced lahars.

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The smaller crater, Diego de la Haya, dips below the surface ft 91 m as its mineral-rich lake astonishingly transforms its color from emerald-green to crimson-red. From there it is 24 miles 39 km to Irazu Volcano National Park. In a sudden explosion occurred on the north wall of the main crater producing an avalanche that slipped into the bed of Rio Sucio River, reaching beyond the bridge over the same river, located in the Braulio Carrillo highway.