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Gargano National Park Italy

Gargano National Park Italy

The Gargano Island fauna is known as Mikrotia fauna after an endemic rodent genus of the area. To the south of the promontory, we find the natural oasis of Lake Salsa and the Frattarolo Swamp, which are important areas for migrating birds. The following are some excellent options: Rodi Garganico makes a good base for visiting the northern half of the peninsula. There are a variety of animals and horseback excursions are available.

Gargano Travel Guide

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Tourism[ edit ] The coast around Mattinata The coast of Gargano houses numerous beaches and tourist facilities, including resorts such as ViestePeschici and Mattinata. The two major salt lakes of Lesina and Varano are located in the northern part of the peninsula.

St Primiano and the saint sailing-race on 15 May St Nazario and the pilgrimage to the Sanctuary with the same name on July 28 Gargano Running Week is held in October, the first time in and Gargano National Park Italy trail runningskyrunningjogging, ultra distance running and speed running.

Several of these animals were subject to island gigantism. Monte Sant’Angelo on the slopes of Gargano The fossils are found in partially infilled paleokarst fissures across Monte Gargano. The Gargano Island fauna is known as Mikrotia fauna after an endemic rodent genus of the area. Initially named Microtia, this had to be corrected, because the genus name Microtia was already used for butterflies. The surface features of the ancient karst developed in Mesozoic limestone.

In these, sediment accumulated together with the remains of the local fauna, forming thick layers of reddish, massive or crudely stratified silty – sandy clays Gargano National Park Italy, known as terrae rossae “red soils “. Through the mid- Pliocenesome of these deposits were flooded, Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt due to tectonic movement of the Apulian Plate.

Others were overlaid by other sediments of terrestrial or freshwater origin. In this way a buried, partially reworked Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt originated. Later, as the ice ages cycle got underway, sea levels sank and the former island was continentalized. In the cool and semiarid conditions of the Early Pleistocene some 1. Fauna[ edit ] The Gargano Island endemic mammals included: Deinogalerix – 5 species of gymnures “hairy hedgehogs”among them the giant D.

Freudenthal, ; Butler, Hoplitomeryx – some 5 species of “prongdeer” with five horns and sabre-like upper canine teeth. They ranged from tiny to the size of a red deerand large and small ones apparently occurred at the same time rather than one evolving from the other.

The largest species, M. Freudenthal,Parra et al. Willemsen, Prolagus imperialis and P. Mazza, Stertomys – 5 species of dormouseamong them the giant S. Columba omnisanctorum – one of the oldest pigeon fossils known.

Garganoaetus freudenthali and Garganoaetus murivorus – two [3] [4] species of falconidthe former larger than a golden eaglethe latter well-sized; endemic. The smaller species, which likely is the stratigraphically oldest, is closely related to Aquila delphinensis from La Grive-Saint-Alban, France, according to Peter Ballmann in Its closest living relatives are the small eagles HieraaetusSpizaetusLophaetus. Tyto – 2 or 3 species of barn-owls.

The largest, T. The supposed remains of the smaller T.

1 Tours and Activities to Experience Gargano National Park (Parco Nazionale del Gargano)

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The Gargano is a large area and with so much to see, you could easily spend a week or longer here. The Gargano also has numerous insects that in Italy are only found here, though they are present in the Balkans. Continue to Gargano Attractions to find out about the top things to see and do. Around the Lesina Lake there are some footpaths along which guided education and scientific tours are taken.

Gran Paradiso National Park Italy

Gran Paradiso National Park Italy

They are a natural defence against landslides , avalanches , and flooding. And the abundance of wildlife. Paths laid out for the ibex are still used today as part of kilometres mi of marked trails and mule tracks. These cookies do not store any personal information.

Gran Paradiso National Park

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History[ edit ] In the early 19th century, due to hunting, the Alpine ibex survived in the Gran Paradiso and Vanoise area. Approximately 60 individual ibex survived, here. A protective guard was created for the ibex.

Paths laid out for the ibex are still used today as part of kilometres mi of marked trails and mule tracks. Plateau de Nivolet. There are alpine meadows at higher altitudes. There are rocks and glaciers at altitudes higher than the meadows.

They are a natural defence against landslidesavalanchesand flooding. The two main types of woods found in the park are coniferous and deciduous woods. These forests are thick with dense foliage that lets in very little light during the summer. The beech leaves take a long time to decompose, and they form a thick layer on the woodland floor that impedes the development of other Gran Paradiso National Park Italy and trees. These forests are only present in isolated areas and are at risk of extinction.

Oak is not a typical species in the park and it is often found mixed with Scots pine. The park’s chestnut groves have been affected by human cultivation for wood and fruit. The park’s conifer woods include Scots pine groves, spruce forests dominated by the Norway spruceoften mixed with larch.

Larch and Swiss stone pine woods are found up to the highest sub-alpine level — metres 7, ft. These pastures are rich in flowers in the late spring. The park has many rocky habitats. These areas have rock and detritus on their surface. Alpine plants have adapted to these habitats by assuming characteristics like Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mthairiness, bright coloured flowers, and highly developed roots.

Marmot Alpine ibex graze in the abundant mountain pastures in summer, and descend to lower elevations Gran Paradiso National Park Italy winter. They descend to the valleys in the winter and spring.

Alpine marmot forage on plants along the snow line. Golden eagles nest on rocky ledges, and sometimes in trees. Wallcreeper are found on steep cliffs. There are black woodpeckers and nutcrackers in the park’s woodlands.

Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy, home to thousands of ibex

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Since its institution year in , the Gran Paradiso National Park, first in our country, is one of the best known parks in Italy and the world and contributes to safeguard biodiversity of one of the italian widest areas. Not just Stambecco but also marmotte, chamois, wolf, lynx and golden eagle. Valsavaranche and Valle di Rhemes are entered via the village of Introd. Along with the other wildlife in the park there are also thousands of ibex, which are the ‘trademark’ wildlife in Gran Paradiso, although for much of the year these remain above the treeline and you may not encounter them during a visit if you remain in the valleys, although walking quietly through the higher meadows and pastures they are quite a common sight.