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Way Kambas National Park

Way Kambas National Park

The best time to see the wildlife is in the morning or evening. No issue here. Not surprisingly, because Way Kambas is also representative of lowland forest ecosystems that have freshwater swamps, shrubs, and also coastal forests in Sumatra.

Way Kambas National Park

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I will post a separate review of Satwa, so this is exclusively a review of the N. P, and as all costs were paid through Satwa I won’t mention them here. Ours was a short stay in order to keep prices down. Seeing wild animals takes time, patience and luck. Never any guaratees. Way Kambas Way Kambas National Park be entirely accessed and organised through Satwa, partially why I describe it as an N.

P for beginners, because it’s all organised for you from start to finish if that’s what you need The means of seeing the park is via one of two walkways, gravel paths constructed to access the river and the Rhino Breeding centre.

It is an easy terrain to walk, you do not leave the path and walk through actual forest. The trail is 13km The other Way Kambas National Park runs around the outskirts of the park to the Elephant centre. This is a tarmac road which we were told is not worth walking as a means of seeing animals, but we did get a lift down this route to the Elephant centre. It’s 9km Sadly there was no public access to the rhino breeding centre at the time of our visit.

There are only of these rhinos in the park, I had really hoped to see one, but without this access it was not possible. We did go to the Elephant centre which raised ethical questions for me. No issue here. But there was one younger one tied at the neck, with the 2 front legs chained together. I could not fully understand the purpose of this “centre”.

These came from a night walk, a morning walk and river Way Kambas National Park trip.

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The proximity to Lake Toba helps, too. Some of them are as follows. Travel Tips in Way Kambas If you want to visit Way Kambas, travellers should understand in advance that Way Kambas is a national park located in the lowlands.