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Kayaking Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Kayaking Cuyahoga Valley National Park

My feet had never seen the inside of a kayak, and my only experience of the river was crossing it in a car on high-level freeway bridges. All canoes and kayaks must be properly registered. This map shows the Cuyahoga River in its entirety, with put-in locations for kayaks and canoes. Kayaking on Lake Erie gives you an opportunity to take in the breathtaking and serene beauty that is all around you.

Kayaking in Ohio

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Geology, nature, Northeast Ohio? In the same sentence? Well, yeah. The river flows through a full spectrum of landscapes, from farms to acres of national park woodland to the angry steel furnaces and towering skyscrapers of downtown Cleveland.

I took a two-day paddle down the river with some friends in July And last but not least, I had a cracking good time and made some new friends. You can do it, too! Get Ready! Assess your physical fitness. Notice I said upper body endurance, not strength. Take a paddling course. My feet had never seen the inside of a kayak, and my only experience of the river was crossing it in a car on high-level freeway bridges. If that also describes you, you can rectify your ignorance the same way I did: By taking a one-day crash course.

These courses will teach you the basics of kayaking. After a few hours, though, your body and mind will start to adjust. Plan your trip. Hashing out the details of a trip — especially a longer, multi-day one — can be daunting. Before you go, ask yourself these questions: How much time do you want to spend? First, decide whether you want to take a day trip or stretch your expedition over several days.

Hint: A day trip is probably a better idea for beginners. See below, in camping. How much of the river can you cover? On my two-day trip, we averaged between 3 and 4 river-miles an hour, but your speed will vary according to your ability and the strength of the current. Where will you put in and take out? The river is accessible only at certain points. This map LINK is a good place to plan your starting and ending points for each leg of your trip.

Where are the damned dams? But you should also know where they are ahead of time in case you miss the signs. The Cuyahoga Falls and Brecksville dams are especially treacherous. How will you transport your kayaks to and from the river? You should also figure out the logistics of transporting your kayaks to and from the river.

Grab some kayaks and some friends. You should never ever ever ever kayak alone. So find some family or friends to go with you. Make sure at least one person in the group has some kayaking experience, so he or she can take the lead and scout ahead for obstacles. Try these sources. Gather equipment and supplies. Each part is different, alternating between high action and quiet lulls. Together, they unfold across a legible storyline — from chaotic, natural beginning to soaring urban climax.

Unlike a novel, though, the river is always changing. While each section has some permanent characteristics, each also evolves from day to day and year to year, according to such variables as water level, pollution and fallen trees. You might consider stringing together Kayaking Cuyahoga Valley National Park of these sections or just kayaking one, depending on how much time you have. Kent to Cuyahoga Falls 9 miles, 3 hours Past downtown Kent, the river takes some fun twists and turns, the water slip-sliding along at a fast clip.

Just north of town, it broadens and the current slows. At downtown Cuyahoga Falls are Class 4 and 5 rapids. Only advanced kayakers should attempt this section. You can put in again at Cascade Valley Park. Cuyahoga Falls Cascade Valley to Peninsula 13 miles, 4.

Boston to Brecksville 5 miles, 2 hours We skipped this section because we were worried about time needlessly, as it turned out — we arrived…


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While each section has some permanent characteristics, each also evolves from day to day and year to year, according to such variables as water level, pollution and fallen trees. Other things they offer include horseback riding and organized trips like campground packages that friends, or family will enjoy. Everything in your kayak — including your person — is going to get wet. A high level of bacteria in the water can be a health hazard.

Congaree National Park Kayaking

Congaree National Park Kayaking

Staff will try to give participants advanced notice of any cancellations, but tours can be cancelled without notice. For each two reservations made, one person must have experience. Your guide will meet you and then set up all guests with their very own kayak for the day. Downed trees and log jams are a common occurrence on Cedar Creek.

Canoe Trail Information

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If you are visiting here to enjoy the meandering waterways through the old growth forest and champion trees, grab a paddle! It was designated a National Recreation Trail by the U. Department of Interior in The trail starts near the city of Columbia and ends at the Highway Landing near the junction of the Congaree and Wateree.

It passes through Congaree twenty miles downstream from Columbia. It is on the north side of the river. There are a number of canoe and Congaree National Park Kayaking outfitters with available rentals in the Columbia, South Carolina area. When we were planning our adventure, we found one which would move our car from Columbia to the Bates Bridge Landing.

Here are the official water levels of the Congaree River at the gauge in Congaree National Park: Camping is available on the sandbars of the Congaree River when the river is at appropriate levels. The river in both locations is accessed by a short trail where the canoe or kayak would need to be carried.

Cedar Creek Landing is a 6. If your party is planning to stay overnight in the park, a backcountry permit is needed from the visitor center. The reason, as we discussed during our own trip to the park with the rangers during flood conditions, is that it is very easy to get lost when the river is over the banks. When the river is between feet, the creek is over the Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt in certain low lying areas and navigation can also be hard due to both downed trees and insufficient trail markers.

We were in the park during such conditions and the rangers Congaree National Park Kayaking us from attempting any trip. When the water level is between four and seven Congaree National Park Kayaking, this is the ideal conditions. If you are prepared to carry your canoe in certain places, you may also be ok when the water level is between 2.

When the water is 2. Backcountry Camping Both the Blue Trail and the Canoe Trail can be done with an overnight stay in the park with a backcountry camping permit. Call the park during normal business hours to obtain a free permit for camping as well as learn the rules for selecting a campsite.

The park rangers were very helpful as we planned our adventure to the park. However, advanced Congaree National Park Kayaking can be Congaree National Park Kayaking due to changing weather conditions. If the rivers are near or above flood trails, it may not be possible to do backcountry camping in the park. Permit applications will be denied if it is not safe to stay in the backcountry. When we visited in Aprilwe had to cancel our planned trip down the Blue Trail because there were no sandbars available to safely camp on.

The water was averaging a depth of between 13 and 15 feet on the Congaree River gauge at Congaree National Park.

Tours are given on Friday through Sunday in the spring season and Fridays and Saturdays in the fall season. Tours last approximately 3. Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt must be made online and open on the first of the prior month. Tours are limited to 12 individuals. Congaree National Park.

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The park provides all canoe equipment paddles, life vests, canoes. When we visited in April , we had to cancel our planned trip down the Blue Trail because there were no sandbars available to safely camp on. The program will begin promptly on the water at the listed start time after a brief safety orientation.

Everglades National Park Kayaking

Everglades National Park Kayaking

Finally, the trail continues through open sawgrass marsh. This discovery was perhaps our favorite: This hidden, off-the-trail body of water was packed with wildlife, from alligators to schools of fish visible in the clear water to all sorts of birds. Maps are available at the visitor centers. Plan Ahead Canoe and kayak trips range from a few hours to several days depending on length and complexity of the trail.

Canoe and Kayak Trails

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Starting at the Tamiami Trail a few miles east of Everglades City, it begins in an achingly beautiful freshwater cypress forest of Big Cypress National Wildlife Refuge. Then the giant cypress trees, maples and pond apples give way to saltwater-loving mangroves and you make your way through mangrove tunnels too tight for paddles: We pulled our way through branch-to-branch, feeling vaguely like Tarzan. Finally, the trail continues through open sawgrass marsh.

Details below. Photo: Bonnie Gross One kayak outfitter with whom I spoke said he had stopped running trips there because of crowds. But when we arrived at 9 a. Even then, we passed only a handful of kayaks and canoes.

However, when we returned, the small parking lot on the Tamiami Trail was completely full. Two weeks later, we returned, paddling the river on the afternoon of Christmas Eve. The river was just as lovely and full of wildlife, but we passed three or four guided kayak tours, each with five or six boats, so we rarely felt alone in the wilderness.

My conclusion: The Turner River is popular for a good reason. Give it a try, but plan and prepare accordingly. If you can, start early or go on a weekday. If water levels are high, you should still be able to paddle 45 minutes to an hour downstream and then back.

Bring your own canoe or kayak. Arrange to be picked up at the Gulf Coast Visitor Center at Everglades National Park, shuttled to the launch site and then paddle back to your car. There are other outfitters. If you consider paddling to Chokoloskee, please see a note of caution below. Rent a kayak or canoe from one of several outfitters licensed to provide service in the wildlife refuge. Go on a guided adventure with an outfitter. Same list as above. Photo: Bonnie Gross We chose to explore the Turner River from the launch site, paddling both north and south and then returning after several hours to our own car — an approach I recommend if you have your own kayak.

In previous years, we headed north first and found that area to be very beautiful. At times, Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt, an invasive aquatic plant called hydrilla has turned the northern stretch of the Turner into a mat of vegetation. Paddling through it was like paddling through pudding. When that happened, we turned around and headed south, where, thank goodness, the hydrilla lessened and virtually disappeared.

The first section southbound on the Everglades National Park Kayaking is full of Everglades National Park Kayaking — small alligators and all sorts of birds. The vegetation is spectacular: The trees are packed with airplants that cover every available surface; there are beautiful groupings of water lilies and swamp lilies. After about 45 minutes, the first mangrove tree appears and then you plunge into a shadowy mangrove tunnel.

That tunnel opens up to placid pond, and then it is mangrove tunnel No. This one is tighter and longer. We tuck our paddles into our canoe and pull ourselves through it in a form of hand-to-hand combat, ducking constantly to limbo under low branches. Photo: Bonnie Gross The open marsh that follows rewards us with birds — flocks of storks, squawking, grunting ibis, herons voicing their annoyance, kingfishers with their rattling call.

In this section, you find the only landing spot on the trail, a little section of ground with a few palm trees and several picnic tables. It is a perfect places to stretch. It comes about 1. The paddling guide provided by Everglades National Park…

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West Lake is one of the largest lakes in the area and it can be windy and choppy. In this section, you find the only landing spot on the trail, a little section of ground with a few palm trees and several picnic tables. From November to February, however, it would be hard to beat the beauty and wildlife of the Turner River. Plan Ahead Canoe and kayak trips range from a few hours to several days depending on length and complexity of the trail.

Kayaking In Glacier National Park Montana

Kayaking In Glacier National Park Montana

Glacier rivers are a gorgeous sight, so we highly recommend getting out and exploring as many of them as you can. Just relax and let the current take you away! Our first adrenaline pump was just a little bumpy area that had some fast moving water and tiny rapids. We again paddled around Lake McDonald a bit before heading off into the creek.

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The rivers run high in the spring and summer as the snows melt, providing some excellent paddling. As you travel across the shimmering lakes, the sun warms you as you enjoy the spectacular views all around. This is the largest lake in Glacier and offers wonderful canoeing and kayaking, with a number of places to put into the water, including a public boat launch at Apgar.

Bring your camera to capture your adventure, particularly how the surrounding mountains reflect dreamily in the lake. Swiftcurrent Lake By paddling around the turquoise waters of Swiftcurrent Lake, you can reach a number of backcountry trailheads so you can climb Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt see Grinnell Glacier.

This is just one of the benefits to kayaking on this lovely lake. Launch near the hotel on the shore. Mary Lake, the second largest lake in Glacier.

Two Medicine Lake Also Kayaking In Glacier National Park Montana the east side of Glacier, Two Medicine Lake offers some breathtaking views of Rising Kayaking In Glacier National Park Montana Mountain, and of course, the crystal clear waters of the lake itself. Getting to the lake is half the fun, with plenty of wonderful vistas and the wildlife grazing at the edge of the road. Bowman Lake Bowman Lake is a remote lake that provides you with some privacy on your paddling adventure.

The road leading to the lake alternates between paved and unpaved but decent road. This glacial lake is surrounded by pines and mountain views. Kintla Lake Since no motorized craft are allowed on this lake, you will find it a kayak and canoe paradise, and truly secluded close to the Canadian border.

Day hikes are abundant, too, when you want to stretch your legs. This is nesting time at that location for Harlequin ducks. The wind here can kick up waves up to six feet tall.

At any time of year, you must stay aware of the danger of hypothermia, as the lakes and rivers in Glacier National Park are extremely cold. The park allows temporary use of your own boats without registering them with the state of Montana during your visit.

Browse the listings on this page to find a guide who fits your needs.

Regional Kayak, Canoe & SUP

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This is nesting time at that location for Harlequin ducks. Once we got back, we got our kayaks in the water and got to kayaking the North Fork of the Flathead River! We were ready to take on the full mile section of the river this time! Click Here We purchased our kayaks about a week before arriving in Montana, and we were chomping at the bit to get on the Montana rivers for some paddling.

Zion National Park Kayaking

Zion National Park Kayaking

With much appreciation! Visit the the quaint and beautiful town of Brigham City, or get outside and experience any number of outdoor activities within scenic Box Elder County. Mountains with names like Tushar, Frisco, and Wah Wah.

River Trips

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Hike the Zion Narrows. Explore Zion Canyon on Zion National Park Kayaking or cruise it on a pedal-assist electric bicycle. Descend slot canyons. Climb a rock face. Ascend a via ferrata. Tickets are limited and go on sale twice a month. On the 16th, you can purchase for the remainder of the same month. On the last day of the month, you can purchase for the the first half of the next month.

Some tickets are set aside for last minute purchase. They are available at 5pm MST the day before. For guaranteed access to the trails and Narrows, reserve your seats on our Zion Canyon Shuttle. Just as we are the creators of Narrows outfitting, we continue to lead the way by providing you with the highest quality products and services. How can you get up the Zion Canyon’s Scenic Drive?

Schedule our Zion Canyon Shuttle 2. Purchase National Park Shuttle Tickets through www. Give us a ring or shoot us an email. We’re making every effort to answer as many as we can, but it just isn’t possible to get to them all.

Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt come see us Zion National Park Kayaking check availability. Call, send an email, and when you arrive in Springdale, stop by! We take payment over the phone and in person. Special Note: Zion National Park Kayaking Kid Outdoors offers 4th graders and their families free access to our national parks.

Springdale free town shuttles have resumed. We haven’t yet heard what the schedule is, but you can ride this bus to Shuttle Stop 3 – and that’s where you’ll find us. Springdale requires a fee to park on streets and in lots. Note: It’s not ours and it’s cash only.

Current Zion Narrows Conditions.

1. Swimming Holes and Waterfalls

West Yellowstone National Park

The area surrounding Cedar City is a natural wonderland cherished by nature-lovers. Click on any additional guides you would like to receive. We also have visitor guides available in states highlighted in blue below. Flow rates for the Virgin River can be found here.