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Kelimutu National Park

Kelimutu National Park

Polo, in contrast, changed from a red color into a darker green or brown. As what waiting ahead will guarantee all the hiking and waking up early totally worth it. The colors were vibrant and the views were sweeping. When Did Kelimutu Last Erupt?

Should You Visit Kelimutu National Park?

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The verdict: Is it worth going to the Kelimutu National Park? These tri-colored lakes are a natural phenomenon and seem surreal until you witness their beauty with your own eyes. The lake in the right of this image is normally a reddish color! The easiest is a direct flight from Bali to Ende in Flores. I suggest you move on straight to Moni which is the closest village to the Kelimutu Crater Lakes and lies at the foot of Kelimutu National Park. This allows you to enjoy Mount Kelimutu at your own pace and explore the rice paddies that surround the villages thereafter.

The path is well marked with a gradual incline and is a pretty easy route to walk. Sunrise or daytime? This is something I learned the hard way. Pictures speak a thousand words, so you decide for yourself.

Admiring the beautiful lakes at noon Visiting Mount Kelimutu for sunrise I left Moni at and began the trek to the peak at I suggest you skip the first viewpoint and head straight to the main viewing area to Kelimutu National Park the sunrise.

Instead of a clear morning with the perfect sunrise, I was met by a fierce storm instead. It was cold and wet, and I found comfort in the coffee and warm noodles being sold.

The next hour saw everyone rushing to get a snap of the Kelimutu Lakes as the sun occasionally beamed through the clouds.

At the time of writing Septemberthere were major roadworks on the road between Moni and Kelimutu National Park. After a few hours of rain, getting back down to Moni was a challenge. What was a smooth, dirt road when we first arrived, had changed to a muddy disaster zone thanks to the early morning showers.

Unfortunately, despite their warnings, I still managed to find myself face first in the mud! Note the muddy helmet and yes, I was recovering from a fall when I took this snap!

So, after a rather disappointing, yet eventful start to the Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt, we decided to go back to Kelimutu National Park.

The lakes were all brightly colored with no shadow falling on them. The sky was clear Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt and the views, spectacular. It Kelimutu National Park also peaceful and quiet with only a handful of other tourists around. Visiting Mount Kelimutu during the day was a better choice!

In my opinion, noon is the best time to go on a Kelimutu Lake tour. The magic behind the changing colored lakes of Kelimutu The colors of these volcanic lakes change dramatically and unpredictably from blue to green to brown and even red.

The local beliefs and spiritual significance Whilst modern science has its reasons for the changing colors of these crater lakes, the locals have their own Kelimutu National Park. It is said that the changing color is due to spirits that have become restless and begin to wander.

Because of this, it is easy to understand why the Kelimutu National Park is a sacred place with spiritual significance. This is believed to be the home of those souls who have lived a long, good life. This lake was dark green in color at the time of our visit which was slightly underwhelming when compared to the other two volcanic lakes.

Next are two lakes which are located besides each other, separated only by a crater wall. This lake, pictured below, is said to be where those young souls and children go to rest.

This lake, below, is home to…

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The rooms and bathrooms are very basic, but the hospitality is out of this world. Kelimutu lakes were listed among the 7 wonders, so they are probably right! The changing color of the lake is no mystery but explanatory with the activity of the volcano and the release of minerals. In Flores, locals believe that wandering souls are the reason for the changing colors.