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Kenozersky National Park

Kenozersky National Park

The war was a success for Russia and when peace was made in , Finland was incorporated into Russia as the Grand Duchy of Finland. However Konstantin had no intention of becoming emperor and immediately refused in favour of his younger brother Nikolai Pavlovich who become Emperor Nicholas I. A young writer by the name of Lev Tolstoy witnessed these events and wrote about them in three short stories known as the Sevastopol Sketches. Despite his authoritarian reputation in domestic affairs, in foreign affairs Alexander III is known as the Peacemaker and is unique among Russian rulers as during his reign the Russian army took part in no major conflicts.

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These Kenozersky National Park also inspired Russian authors and artists to create what became known as the Golden Age of Russian culture.

Assassination of Paul Like his father before him, the policies of Emperor Paul alienated many nobles from him. Paul was aware of this and of the resulting risk of assassination. In Marchjust a few months after the completion of the new castle, Paul was murdered in his bedroom in a conspiracy of noblemen and officers. He was succeeded by his son Aleksandr Pavlovich who became Emperor Alexander I and who is believed to have at least known of the plot to overthrow his father.

In response to this, the Battle of Sitka was fought in between the Russian settlers and the native people, where the Russians unsurprisingly enjoyed a decisive victory and managed to drive out the native people and establish the city of Novo-Arkhangelsk New Arkhangelsk which became the main city of Russian America. From its American settlements, the company was able to collect valuable furs from foxes, otters, beavers and seals, but the idea of further colonisation was also considered by the company.

Battle of Austerlitz and Peace of Tilsit Upon becoming emperor Alexander I appreciated the threat posed to European monarchy by Napoleon and sought out allies in an attempt to counteract the rising power of France, joining the Third Coalition against France. It resulted in a decisive French victory. The defeat led to Austria making peace with France and eventually the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire.

Russia suffered a further defeat at the hands of Napoleon at the Battle of Friedland in Prussia in June and following the battle Alexander met with Napoleon at Tilsit on a raft in a river to make peace. Two such countries were the United Kingdom and Sweden. The war was a success for Russia and when peace was made inFinland was incorporated into Russia as the Grand Duchy of Finland.

Napoleon also intended to reestablish a Polish state. Subsequently the main Russian force lead by General Michael Barclay de Tolly — the supreme commander — also arrived at the city.

It was in Smolensk that the first major battle of the war took place. Napoleon expected the Russian army to stand and fight to protect the strategically and historically important city of Smolensk, which in turn would lead to the destruction of the Russian army leading the road to Moscow and St Petersburg open. On the retreat the Russian army destroyed all potential supplies so they would not fall into the hands of the French. Many were critical of Barclay de Tolly and his foreign name did him no favours.

After the fall of Smolensk, supreme command was handed to General Mikhail Kutuzov, who despite being in his sixties and overweight, proved to be an instant morale booster. Kutuzov knew than it would be too much to let Moscow fall without a fight and so prepared the Russian army to meet Napoleon in battle. The two armies of France and Russia met in September in the village of Borodino, just outside Mozhaisk Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt the approach to Moscow.

The battle nevertheless proved inconclusive and both armies suffered heavy losses. It can be claimed as a French victory as the Russians retreated, however Kutuzov knew that as long as the Russian army was saved from total destruction it would be able to recover with new recruits.

Napoleon had no such opportunity. Capture of Moscow After Borodino, Napoleon headed straight for Moscow and at a meeting on the outskirts of the old capital…


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Another aspect of the events which has been especially celebrated in Russian literature and art is the fate of the wives of the Decembrists who also gave up everything to travel with their husbands into exile in Siberia. Muravev was also responsible for the Treaty of Aigun signed in between the Russian and Chinese Empires which saw Russia occupying the territory north of the River Amur and east of the River Ussuri; this understanding was confirmed in the Treaties of Peking in In Russia signed the Treaty of Shimoda with Japan allowing them to settle in the north of the island, while the Japanese took the south. The native Tlingit people did argue that the land was never the Russians to sell in the first place, but to little effect.