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Kerinci Seblat National Park

Kerinci Seblat National Park

There are around dialects used only along the valley. Loedeboer , seorang pemburu kebangsaan Belanda yang memiliki daerah Konsesi perkebunan di Labuhan Merak dan Gunung Mesigit , pernah singgah di Baluran. Not only that, but this forest is also one of the sources of a search for people around the forest, including the Mentawai tribe and the Anak Dalam tribe. One of them is the presence of threats such as road construction, agricultural encroachment, illegal logging, hunting, and weak institutions from the government involved.

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But it is not going to be easy. Habitat destruction is the biggest reason that species become endangered. There was once a forest here. The trees were cut to make timber for buildings and pulp for paper.

Now only about 30, Asian elephants survive in the wild, less than half as many as 50 Kerinci Seblat National Park ago. These sea turtles find a lot of their food in coral reefs, a vanishing and endangered underwater habitat. One way to protect important ecosystems is to create national parks, wildlife reserves, and marine protected areas.

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho is one of the largest relatively untouched habitats in the deciduous forests of the Northern Hemisphere. Yellowstone is home to endangered and threatened species including grizzly bears, lynx, and gray wolves. Many nations are now protecting ocean areas, too.

Did you know? Over one-third of the land on our planet is used for farming and ranching. The left side is what the area looked like in The right side is what that same area looks like today. As farmed lands grew larger and closer together, they began to merge into a large area of deforestation.

The young Malayan tapir shown here lives in a zoo, but wild tapirs are among the many endangered species that thrive in the protected forests of Kerinci Seblat. Sumatran orangutans are critically endangered and only about 7, survive in the wild. Even though it is illegal to kill rhinos, poachers hunt them for their horns—and they can sell the horns for lots of money because some people believe rhino horns can cure diseases.

In fact, the horns are just made of keratin, the same stuff your hair, your fingernails, and horse hoofs are made from. So how do you protect rhinos? Wildlife cops have made a rhino DNA Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt to help bust poachers. At the Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary in Tanzania, endangered black rhinos are protected from poachers and have habitat to roam.

That means, compared to years ago, there are a lot less fish in the sea. Today, about 1 in 20 fish species are endangered. One example is the bluefin tuna. The Atlantic bluefin tuna is slow to grow, but it can get big, as long as 10 feet, and weigh over 1, pounds. The problem for these fish is that about 50 years ago, people discovered they were delicious to eat and their population was radically reduced by overfishing. Many countries now have rules about how many bluefin tuna can be caught.

By reducing the total catch, the Atlantic bluefin tuna population may have a chance to recover. Torpedo-shaped and very fast, bluefin tuna can retract their fins to reduce drag when they have a need for speed. When chasing prey, they reach speeds up to 45 mph.

People who buy exotic pets are often unwittingly buying endangered animals that have been taken out of the wild.

So many parrots have been taken out of the wild to live in private cages that some species are now extinct and others survive in very small numbers.

Playful and smart, these big blue parrots live in open areas next to forests in Brazil and eat the fruits of palm trees. So many were taken from the wild and sold as Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt that only a few thousand survive in their native habitat.

They are being illegally captured and sold as pets. People are hunting lemurs and eating them for food. Of lemur species on Madagascar, 94 are at risk of…

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Some marine biologists think we should start eating THEM. The 4,hectares of Kerinci Lake lies at a height of metres 2, ft , and is the host of the annual Kerinci Lake Festival. Researchers who enter the Sumatran rainforest usually hope to find and examine the lives of animals and plants directly in tropical rainforests, and it is not impossible that they will find new or rare species. There are also 72 species of reptiles and amphibians, and species of birds.