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Khangai Nuruu National Park

Khangai Nuruu National Park

It can be found in the southern depths of Mongolia, hemmed in by an amphitheater of ice-caked peaks. There is no other infrastructure available here. These can be seen sweeping down a single hillside; a mosaic of colorful timber facades that glints in the sun of the steppe. The town was a very cosmopolitan and religiously tolerant place.

Khangai Nuruu National Park

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Up here, high on the plateaus that Khangai Nuruu National Park out from the glacial Altai Mountains, the mighty Mongolian Steppe has played host to hordes of riders and footmen, all commanded by that now-mythic figure: Genghis Khan. As the hordes fragmented and returned to their respective sectors of Asia, this wild and barren world on the roof the continent returned to its old ways.

Nomads roamed the hills; yurts appeared on the banks of mountain lakes with the coming and goings of the seasons; eagle hunters patrolled the plains; snow leopards stalked, and forever the sand dunes of the Gobi shifted and shifted. Going Khangai Nuruu National Park to feel the energy of bustling Ulaanbaatar. Going there to trace fabled Xanadu. Going there to experience the cold of the passes and meet the hardy folk of the rolling wilds.

Lets explore the best places to visit in Mongolia: 1. Karakorum Source: flickr Karakorum Set deep between the undulating green hills and stony ridges of the Orkhon Valley, the fabled ancient city of Karakorum is now the stuff of myth and legend.

Ruined grain silos and stone turtles, kiln smelting houses and crumbling ancient stupas still spot the ground; an aging testimony to the former might of this Mongol capital on the steppe. The southern portion of the park is well-suited to visitors.

Meanwhile, the north includes the alpine Khagiin Khar Lake and a series of bubbling hot springs to boot.

Lake Khovsgol Source: flickr Lake Khovsgol A great dash of blue that hides between the shale peaks and rocky foothills of the Sayan Mountains, Lake Khovsgol is the second-largest body of water in all of Mongolia.

It filters down from the Russian border in a streak of deep blue, its grassy banks rising and falling, peppered with the occasional wind-blasted pine tree, and sometimes giving way to pebble coves where locals relax in Khangai Nuruu National Park summer. The whole site is now encompassed by a national park, which was instituted to protect the waters here. And what waters they are! Hardy creatures make their home here, in the form Khangai Nuruu National Park hoofed ibexes and Tuvan nomad tribespeople.

The reserve is also known for its ancient petroglyphs and mysterious Turkic sculptures. Of course, Orkhon is now a major attraction, and travelers flock to see the ruins of legendary Karakorum, seek the fabled palaces of Xanadu, wonder at frozen waterfalls, and find serenity in the rustic Buddhist monasteries.

Yurt accommodation is available for those who want to do multi-day walks. Ulaanbaatar Source: flickr Ulaanbaatar With its sterile concrete sprawl and reflective glass skyscrapers, endless neighborhoods of Soviet-style blocks and constant need for expansion, Ulaanbaatar is pretty much everything you expect Mongolia not to be. They dominate the horizon all around the town, and loom as if to demand the attention of any who pass this way.

And what treats there are to enjoy! Wander around and discover the mysterious Turkic Standing Stones thought to be a whopping 12, years oldseek out ancient petroglyphs, or gasp at the feats of eagle hunters in the yearly Altai Kazakh Eagle Festival in September. Today, climbing the 2,meter-high peak is possible, and it reveals wonderful panoramas of the volcanic ridges and lakes that spread out all around.

And talking of lakes, this is the home of Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur, where marsh deer and chitals wander between the rock-built yurts of nomad herders. Talk about experiencing the real Mongolia!

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