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Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale Forest National Park

The park was gazetted in and formally established in to protect a large area of forest previously managed as a logged Forest Reserve. Semiliki National Park is located in the boarders of the two rivers i. Some endangered timber species of trees include Cordia millenii, Entandrophragma angolense, and Lovoa swynnertonnii. The species from the study are shown below.

Kibale National Park

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The national Park covers a surface landscape of 3,km2 while the wider Murchison Conservation Area which embeds Karuma and Bugungu wildlife reserves combine to cover 5,km2.

The feature derives its nomenclature after Sir Roderick Murchison who was the president of the Royal geographical society at the time of its discovery by Sir Samuel Baker. The National Park of Queen Elizabeth covers a cross section of the western rift valley floor stretching for1, km2 land coverage. It has rich biodiversity concentration with 95 species of mammals, species of birds which makes it the first in Uganda regarding the bird populations, ten 10 species of primate and 20 predator species.

Queen Elizabeth is also a habitat for the tree climbing lions dwelling in its sector of Ishasha, the famous Kazinga channel stretching to 45km long connecting Lake Edward and Lake George, the amazing Kyambura gorge with counts of Chimpanzees not forgetting the range of explosion craters some of which are salty lakes while others contain sulphur. This conglomerate to make Queen Elizabeth National Park an ideal destination that can be encountered while on safari in Uganda.

The area is among the East African areas with largest tract of Afromontane forest which existed since the pre historic era and endured through the last ice age forming the ground for great biodiversity concentration with highest number of trees in relation to other areas of its altitude stature.

The park has enormous numbers of butterfly Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt some of which are endemic to the park and it is also holding great concentrations of mammal numbers.

Containing about out of mountain gorillas that apparently thrive in the wilderness with none existing in captivity, the impenetrable forest of Bwindi holds the mantle as a great gorilla trekking safari destination.

It is a second refigium of the endangered mountain gorillas after Bwindi. It is also known for its golden monkey. The park has a strong cultural attachment to the pygmy community that inhabits the area. It has three conical features of extinct volcanoes which is part of the spectacular Virunga area. Mgahinga is located about 15 kilometers, by road, south of the town of Kisoro and approximately 55 kilometers, by road, west of Kabale, the largest city in the sub-region.

The entire park is located in Bufumbira County, Kisoro District the extreme south western corner of Uganda thus among the secluded destinations that a traveler can visit while on Uganda Safari.

Fort Portal in Kabarole District is the nearest large city to the national park. It covers an area of about Sq. The park was gazetted in and formally established in to protect a large area of forest previously managed as a logged Forest Reserve.

The park forms a continuous forest with Queen Elizabeth National Park creating a km wildlife corridor. It is a significant eco-tourism and safari destination, well known for its populace of habituated chimpanzees and 12 other species of primates. The park is surrounded by two major tribes, the Batooro and Bakiga who rely on the park for food, fuel, and other resources with the assistance of the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

These were Mburo and Kigarama. One night, Kigarama dreamt of an area flooding and cautioned his intimate brother to relocate from the area. His brother Mburo disregarded the dream and refused to relocate to the adjacent hills like what Kigarama had done. Unfortunately, the dream came true and Mburo was drowned by mass floods the filled the valley to form the lake that was later named Lake Mburo while the adjacent hill was named Kigarama in reference to…

Colobus Monkeys in Kibale Forest Park

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This is speculated to be because the park directly brings in revenue for those living around it and the tourism industry creates jobs. Interestingly to note is that 60 of these bird species are endemic to Kidepo on Ugandan standards. The park has enormous numbers of butterfly species some of which are endemic to the park and it is also holding great concentrations of mammal numbers.

Kibale National Park

Kibale National Park

Travelers on tour in Kidepo Valley National Park have opportunity to spot amongst others; lions, cheetah, leopard, mane less zebras, kudus, buffalos, Oryx, gazelle, elephants, giraffes, elands, roan antelopes, striped hyenas, jackals, hyenas, zebras, reedbucks, waterbucks, Uganda kobs, Nile crocodiles, duikers and many others. There is only one annual season of cultivation because Kaabong is densely covered in short trees, bushes and thorny shrubs. There is relative calm in entire of Uganda and wildlife species statistics are on the upward trend. Yes, travelers are given packed lunch while going for gorilla trekking.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

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Today at daybreak, the suspects took the security team to a location where 3 heads of lions were found hidden in a tree and the fourth one was buried with 15 legs under the same tree. The suspects said they dropped one leg in the park. Three bottles containing a chemical commonly known as Furadan and a two-litre jerrycan of lion fat Kibale National Park were recovered Kibale National Park a banana plantation.

Two spears, one panga and one hunting net were found hidden in Kibale National Park garden at the home of Tumuhire Vincent. The carcases of the lions were discovered at Ishasha sector on the evening of Friday, March 19, Nine dead vulture; one White-headed vulture and eight White-backed vultures which are listed as critically endangered species were also found in the same place.

Upon their discovery, we launched investigations into the matter. On Monday evening we received credible information about the people suspected to be behind the killing of the lions and acting on the same, a joint operation by UPDF, Police and UWA was conducted leading to the arrest of the four suspects.

The suspects will be arraigned in the courts of law. We applaud the security agencies that joined the operation to hunt the people behind the death of our lions and the leadership of Kanungu district for the support extended to the security teams.

We assure the public that we shall continue to strengthen the protection of lions and other wildlife in Uganda and will pursue this case until justice for the dead lions is served. Our national parks remain safe and attractive to visitors and we still have lions in Queen Elizabeth and other parks. Read Kibale National Park.

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The Ik People The Ik people is an indigenous community that inhabits the Morungole mountain range as their sacred home. There is a high teenage marriage amongst the Ik people where the families have no wealth to speak of. Amongst the Ik, the major requirement to get a marriage partner is the ability to provide family with basic needs of survival; gather food from the wilderness and shacks for shelter.