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Kimberley National Park

Kimberley National Park

There are a number of companies licensed to offer tours by 4WD, air and boat in the parks of the Kimberley. About five per cent of the region is national park or conservation reserves which collectively attract around , visitors each year, 25 per cent is unallocated Crown land and 12 per cent is in Aboriginal reserves. Countless waterfalls, gorges and swimming holes can be found in conservation reserves and on private cattle stations.

Kimberley National Parks

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Yam Dioscorea hastifolia agriculture was developed, [4] and rock art suggests that this was where some of the earliest boomerangs were invented. They reached Hanover Bay on 2 December The exploring party started inland on 19 January Leaders and men were totally inexperienced, their progress was delayed by flooded country, and they abandoned many stores along the way.

The party was constantly split up although they had to contend with large numbers of hostile Aboriginals. On 11 February, Grey was speared and became critically ill but, after Kimberley National Park weeks, continued the exploration. Forrest explored and named the Kimberley district, the Margaret and Ord rivers and the King Leopold Ranges now the Wunaamin-Miliwundi Rangesand located well watered pastoral lands along the Fitzroy and Ord rivers.

Early inthe first five graziers, who called themselves the Murray Squatting Company, took up 49, hectaresacres behind Beagle Bay and named it Yeeda Station. Additional Anglo-European settlement occurred inwhen ranchers drove cattle across Australia from the eastern states in search of good pasture lands. After gold was discovered around Halls Creekmany other erstwhile Europeans miners arrived rapidly.

In the s, the area was the site of an armed insurrection of indigenous people led by Jandamarraa Bunuba warrior. Four Japanese officers were on board a small fishing boat. They investigated the York Sound region for a day and a night before returning to Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt in Timor on 20 January.

After returning to Japan in February, the junior officer, who had commanded the party, suggested using Japanese prison inmates to launch a guerrilla campaign in Australia. No superior adopted his suggestion, and the officer was posted to other duties. On Census night in 9 Augustit was 50, The population is fairly evenly distributed, with only three towns having populations in excess of 2, Broome 12,Derby 3,and Kununurra 4, Depending on the geographical boundaries of the Kimberley National Park, and the definition of what constitutes a ” language ” as opposed to a ” dialect “about Aboriginal languages were once spoken in this region.

The vast majority of these do not belong to the family of Pama-Nyungan languages. Pama-Nyungan languages spoken in and around the Kimberley region include the Marrngu languages such as Karajarri and Nyangumartathe Ngumpin languages such as Walmajarri and Jaruthe Yapa languages Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt as Warlpiri and the Western Desert languages including Wangkajunga and Kukatja.

Non-Pama-Nyungan languages spoken around the Kimberleys but speakers of which today live within the Kimberley include the Daly language Murrinh-Patha and Western Mirndi language Jaminjung.

Presently, many indigenous languages are no longer spoken on a daily basis. At state level, the Kimberley electorate takes in all of the region and its towns. Art[ edit ] Rock art in the Kimberley is some of the oldest in Australia and could date back 40, years.

The earliest form of Kimberley rock art was hand stencils, [16] and rock art continued up to the s when Wandjina were still being repainted. These artists painted in a style unique to this area, a style initially associated with the Krill Krill ceremony but later known as the Kimberley Art Movement. Art and culture still flourishes today, with many contemporary artists being supported by the Mowanjum Aboriginal Arts and Cultural centre.


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On 11 February, Grey was speared and became critically ill but, after two weeks, continued the exploration. If you travel independently make sure you’re familiar with all the advice and references for further information in the KNOW section particularly ‘ getting around ‘, ‘safety’ and ‘travelling in the remote’ and on 4WD and adventure motorcycling. Sometimes Mirima is referred to as a “Mini Bungle Bungles”. So remote that I haven’t been there myself.