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Kirthar National Park

Kirthar National Park

Use of firearms, polluting water, cleaning of land for cultivation, destruction of wildlife is banned in these areas. So, what can tourists expect from this wildlife sanctuary in Sindh? Hence, it gets a little warm and arid during the summers.

Kirthar National Park – A Dreamy Tourist Destination in Sindh

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Some of these destinations get immense tourist attention, such as the northern areas, while some wait their turn to be explored. Taking account of such untouched and less-explored destinations in the country, we cannot help but mention Kirthar National Park — a wildlife sanctuary in Sindh. Tourism in the country is boosting, especially since a leading US Travel Magazine has declared Pakistan as the best tourist destination for So, we took this news as an opportunity to give our readers something new to discover.

And, here we are with all the details you can use as a handy guide to visit and explore Kirthar National Park. Out of the many, insanely gifted tourist destinations in the province is Kirthar National Park — where mountains cross paths with clouds, and green spaces are populated with several exotic animals and birds. Founded in the yearKirthar National Park is the second-largest wildlife sanctuary in Pakistan.

So, what can tourists expect from this wildlife sanctuary in Sindh? Officials of Kirthar National Park claim that the park is home Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt the largest reserve of some rarely found wildlife such as leopards, wolves, striped hyenas, chinkara, gazelles, wild sheep, and Sindhi ibex.

And, the presence of such rare species is what works as a magnet for wildlife photographers, travel enthusiasts, and backpackers. The park comprises four game reserves, including Eri, Hothiano, Surjan, and Sumbak. There are also two tourist centres within the park, named Khar and Karchat, where tourists can spend a night or two. The park falls under the jurisdiction of the Sindh Wildlife Department. Hence, the maintenance of the park, keeping a record of wildlife, maintaining a peaceful environment for tourists, and giving special permits are some responsibilities assigned to the department.

How to Get to Kirthar National Park? Indus Highway runs southeast of this wildlife sanctuary, while the northwestern side is connected to RCD Highway N The roads that connect to Kirthar Kirthar National Park Park from Karchat are a bumpy-stretch and not properly marked.

It is best to keep a map handy in case you are opting for the latter option. Meanwhile, several travelling companies in Karachi offer deals for Kirthar National Park for both individuals and groups. The package usually includes all the necessary facilities such as food, water bottles, travel permits, accommodation sleeping bags and blanketstour-guide, and transportation to and from the city. As for cons, you might have a little difficulty adjusting to the public toilets — but you can take our word for it that in the end, it is all going to be worth it.

Tour groups usually offer weekend packages for working individuals and students, starting from Friday night and ending on Sunday. The timings and plans may vary according to the city and travel group. Here are some frequently asked questions about visiting Kirthar National Park. The best time to visit Kirthar is from October to January! The climate is not any different from the rest of Sindh. Hence, it gets a little warm and arid during the summers. The temperature increases from March to August, but these Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt are best to enjoy the natural beauty of this area as the flowers are in full bloom.

As many travellers have suggested, Kirthar National Park best time to visit Kirthar National Park is between October to January since the temperature is considerably cooler and easier to get around. Kirthar National Park is an exclusive tourist destination in Sindh that requires special permits from the Sindh Wildlife Department. The cost per head for…

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Fifteen of these antelopes were brought to one of the visitors’ centres from the United States for this purpose. A helicopter survey conducted in November yielded estimates of the total populations of the three large indigenous ungulates in the park. Later, a new system of ‘Modern Protected Areas’ legislation began at the provincial level which assigned the protected areas with designations such as national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and game reserves.