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Kishtwar National Park

Kishtwar National Park

Additional attractions Beside mammal viewing and bird watching, you also have a choice to go for trekking. This national park is surrounded by beautiful snowcapped Himalayas. Monsoon is very low in this national park. At lower altitudes 1,,m occur nearly pure stands of cedar and blue pine, and moist temperate deciduous forest, represented by horsechestnut, Aesculus indica, walnut Juglans regia, maple, Acer spp.

Kishtwar National Park, Jammu & Kashmir

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Attitudinal Kishtwar National Park 1, to 4, meters above sea level Approach : Airport ………………. Jammu kms. Rail Head …………. Road …………………. Constructed motor able road for Sumo, Winger etc. Trekking Shoes, Raincoat, and Light clothing 2 Winter …………….

Trekking shoes, Heavy woolens, Waterproof Windcheaters. Kms providing a natural habitat to various species of mammals and Kishtwar National Park of birds, this sanctuary has an altitude range of to Metres. The terrain is, generally rugged and steep with narrow valleys bounded by high ridges opening out in their upper glacial parts. The area lies in the central crystalline belt of the great Himalayas, Rocks are strongly folded in places and composed mainly of granite, gneiss and schist with the occasional bed of marble.

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Topography The contour of the region under the Kishtwar National Park is scraggy and elevated with narrow valleys. The area lies in the Central Crystalline belt of the Great Himalayas. Jammu kms. The park is surrounded by Rinnay River in the north, Kibar Nala catchments in the southern part, the Great Himalaya in the east and Marwa River in the west.