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Kanha Kisli National Park

Kanha Kisli National Park

In monsoon,this park remains closed for the tourists from July to mid-October. Similar stay facilities is also available at Khatia and Kanha Gate. Especially during the winter season, the open meadows in kanha usually gets teeming with Barasinghas and you can spot plenty of Tigers around the fringes of park. Though the species of barasingha was about extinction about twenty years ago but the desperate measures of the forest department has saved the species of Barasingha and again you can feel that the Kanha bugles by the rutting calls of Barasingha.

Kanha Tiger Reserve

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Kanha Kisli National Park, the valleys with rich alluvium carry a mixed interspersion of stately, near pure, stands of sal and extensive meadows. This important operation was undertaken with great success in order to meet the twin objective of preventing wild animal damage to the crops and cattle of Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt interior Kanha Kisli National Park in the park and to release wildlife habitat from human occupation and disturbance in this prime conservation area.

This has been hailed as a major management success of the Kanha National Park in conservation circles, the world over. Unlike Tanzania’s N’Gorongoro, the Kanha valley is not a volcanic crater, though the enclosing hills are a consequence of geologically ancient volcanic activity. The horseshoe-shaped Kanha valley, which accounts for nearly a third and the oldest part of the Kanha National Park, is bound by two distant spurs emanating from the main Mekal ridge, forming its southern rim.

The spurs, in Kanha Kisli National Park gently tapering traverse, nearly close in the north leaving but a narrow opening for the meandering Sulkum or Surpan river, the valley’s main drainage. Wildlife sightings are good all over the preserve. One needs to book park entry in advance and arrange for gypsy as early as possible especially during the holiday season and festivals like Holi, Diwali, Dusshehra, New Year and Week Ends.

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Other services included recreation value million , provision of habitat and refugia for wildlife million and sequestration of carbon million. How many of you have seen a tiger before? It is home to a myriad of life-forms ranging from the mighty tiger and the barasingha to countless species of plants, birds, reptiles and tiny insects.