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Kismayo National Park

Kismayo National Park

Lag Badana-Bushbush National Park: A national park that requires a bit of a further drive from this city. The Sultnate of Muscat now Oman controlled the region from — They are often made with meat and vegetables and spices.

Kismayu National Park

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The city is located about km from Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. It has pristine beaches surrounding along the coast line. The mouth of the Jubba river lies about km away. The turquoise Indian Ocean washes its waves upon the white sandy beach. There are several mosques and the Kismayo port that attract visitors. These historical sites provide much insight into the culture and history of this city.

The archipelago of islands off the coast also offer interesting cultural experiences. It depends on what you will want to do. It should be mentioned that February — April are the hot months.

The temperatures reach to around 35CC during this period. The weather from May to February is cooler. The temperatures will reach a maximum of 28CC. One could still visit the Kismayo beach during this time after the peak heat season. General information about Kismayo History of the name, how come to this Place, Culture: The name Kismayo National Park Kismayo has its historical origins from Italian, because the Italians called it Chisimaio.

This came about once the British Somaliland had been separated. Its beginnings in the Somali Arujan sultate, a powerful regime during the Middle Ages. This city was originally settled by the Arujan as a small fishing village.

The Somali Arujan controlled various parts of the horn of Africa until the end of the 17th Century. The Sultnate of Muscat now Oman controlled the region from — After this date the region fell under control of British East Africa. The Northern part of Jubaland was part of Italian Somaliland.

The Southern part was still under British Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt. This British territory later changed names to the Northern Frontier District.

Finally, inSomalia gained independence, and Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt region joined Somalia. The region consists mainly of ethnic tribes the Marehan and Ogaden being the major ones. This place lies in the Lower Juba province within the Jubaland autonomous region.

One of the major rivers, the Juba river, flows near Kismayo. The people in here are making their living with farming and fishing. The region has many Islamic influences with Somali and Arabic as the official languages. The region also consists of forests and wild animals that are roaming around. The wildlife such as hyaenas and lions still run freely and can be seen at any time. Off the coast of this city, there are various island archipelagos that are often unhabited and preserve the very nature and sanctity of the unhabited environment.

The largest group of these islands are the Islands of the Bajuni. There are six main islands and various small ones that surround the large six. Another interesting feature is the extreme differences where beaches are seen one side. After taking a short drive to the other side, then one can see the green lush forests and jungles full of anmials.

The Kismayo port has container ships bustling in and out of port. This place provides a nice maritime experience to the city. It is located on a peninsula. It requires a short drive from the city center down to Kismayo National Park port.

Alanle beach: One of the popular beaches in the Kismayo city area. It is host of wonderful sunsets. This beach also has pristine white sand. One can have a hut to have shade from the sun. Beautiful sunrise In Kismayo Somalia Islands of the Bajuni Archipelago: Home to the Bajuni people until when Somalis pushed them out during political strife, this archipelago boasts natural beauty.

The islands are densely packed with trees…

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The kudu, warthogs, antelopes and the Somali sheep are some of the herbivorous found in the park. It is host of wonderful sunsets. Hotel Ceenu Shamsi A very popular hotel in this area.