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Kitty Hawk National Park

Kitty Hawk National Park

This is a gorgeous stroll through small patches of woods and shrub thickets, and in the summer months, visitors should be sure to bring along bug spray to relax and enjoy the scene without the distraction of swatting away those pesky local mosquitos. Combining the principals of surfing and snowboarding, sand boarding is allowed at the park in designated areas in the off-season, generally from October 1 – March When they returned to Ohio in , they felt confident they could achieve powered flight upon their return to Kitty Hawk in A local family, headed by Carolista Baum, noticed a bulldozer paving away portions of the sand dune in , and frantic efforts were made to stop the new developments.

They Taught the World to Fly!

Dachigam National Park

Learn to hang glide with Kitty Hawk Kites, and you will be flying on the first lesson. Jockey’s Ridge State Park is an unmistakable landmark for Nags Head vacationers and virtually everyone passing through along the main beach bypass, US These dues are barren, and made up of nothing but Outer Banks sand, providing an incredible playground for hang gliders, sand boarders, and anyone who doesn’t mind a long hike and some incredible island-spanning views.

With extensive nature trails, an easily accessible soundside beach, and virtually every type of sport an Outer Banks vacationer can enjoy on the water or the land, Jockey’s Ridge State Park is one Nags Head destination that is sure to offer a little something for everyone in the crew, and will keep the entire family smiling and happily entertained. History of Jockey’s Ridge State Park The formation of the sand dunes that make Jockey’s Ridge State Park a famous Outer Banks destination took thousands of years, and even today, these massive dunes are still changing and shifting in miniscule increments.

Geologists theorize that the dunes were initially created when storm surges from a series of storms and hurricanes pushed large offshore shoals onto the beach, which was eventually pushed inland by centuries of consistent winds.

Over time, the sand accumulated leaving the tall dunes that are standing today. The dunes may look like they could blow over any moment, but underneath that initial powdery layer of sand lies a dense and wet solid surface, held together by constant moisture from rain.

The sand ridge that formed over the centuries has seemingly been present as long as there have been settlers on the Outer Banks. The long dune ridge was a landmark of sorts for early Spanish and French explorers, and served as one of the initial oddly natural attractions for the Outer Bank’s earliest visitors in the early and mids.

As a result, the area was named after the jockeys who participated in these races, creating the Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt Jockey’s Ridge. As development blossomed in the central Outer Banks however, the area bordering the sand dunes became a very desirable locale for new vacation home communities, and developers began to make plans for a new community along the base of the massive dune structure.

A local family, headed by Carolista Baum, noticed a bulldozer paving away portions of the sand dune inand frantic efforts were made to stop the new developments. The People to Preserve Jockey’s Ridge was formed, consisting of concerned locals and officials, and petitions were made to the state and local governments to protect the dunes from new encroaching communities.

Thanks to their efforts, the Division of Parks and Recreation stepped in to lend their support, and in the General Assembly set aside money to create the now famous Jockey’s Ridge State Park. The state and matching federal monetary contributions allowed acres to be purchased and set aside as a state park.

The Nature Conservancy joined in the efforts and purchased an additional or so acres, and today, Jockey’s Ridge State Park comprises of a whopping acres, which span from the edge of the coastal dune ridge to the borders of the Roanoke Sound. Still a marvel to modern vacationers as it was to the Outer Banks’ first settlers, Jockey’s Ridge State Park is an impressive Nags Head treasure that still serves as a legendary local landmark. Things to do at Jockey’s Ridge State Park The biggest attraction at Jockey’s Ridge State Park is quite literally the ancient sand dunes, and generations of vacationers have discovered…

The Preserve at Kitty Hawk Woods

Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico

When they returned to Ohio in , they felt confident they could achieve powered flight upon their return to Kitty Hawk in From the hills, they perfected the art of soaring and control of the aircraft; the gliding skills they developed were a crucial component of their invention of the airplane. Clearly, these sand dunes are a must see for Outer Banks vacationers, but delve a little deeper and you’ll find a fantastic state park that has everything an outdoor loving vacationer could ask for.