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Odzala Kokoua National Park

Odzala Kokoua National Park

Within the forest bloc, swampy forest clearings provide abundant digestible forage for herbivores such as gorillas, buffalo, sitatunga and giant forest hog. Like islands these clearings lie in the middle of an ocean of trees: marshy areas typically between one and ten hectares in size. Forest buffalo are found in large troops in the savanna, whereas they are normally found in small groups of up to 12 in forest. In addition, some of these clearings have salt-rich soils, which attracts elephants as well as other mammals.

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Covering an expansive 13, km2 area, Odzala lies in the heart of the Congo Basin, the second largest rainforest in the world after the Odzala Kokoua National Park. Around 12, people live in the periphery of the park, and survive off the Odzala Kokoua National Park resources the area provides. This is why our work focuses on a multi-pronged strategy of trying to protect the park from poaching with an enhanced eco-guard team and other law enforcement techniques, while rolling out several community projects from compensating for human-wildlife conflict, to investing in sustainable livelihoods with farming projects and capacity building activities.

Odzala-Kokoua Highlights InOdzala eco-guards confiscated 50 tonnes of bushmeat and removed 14, snares. The research and monitoring team is carrying out gorilla habituation and health-monitoring programmes. It is hoped this will provide future tourism opportunities in the park. The hospital and mobile clinic delivered medical care to over 2, people in who cannot afford or access medical care Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt this remote corner of the Congo.

A livelihood diversification project has planted 40, cocoa seedlings outside the park and seen the installation of over 70 beehives, providing alternative livelihoods for people. Odzala has three upmarket tourist lodgesLango, Mboko and Ngaga Camps, which are directly managed by Odzala Discovery Camps and which contribute much needed revenue to the park and local communities.

On the Horizon We will continue to implement community development projects that invest in sustainable livelihood initiatives such as farming projects and capacity building.

African Parks took over the management of Odzala-Kokoua in November under the terms of the partnership agreement with the Government of the Republic of Congo.

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The savannas are being recolonized by forest, both from the existing forest edge and from small thickets originating on termite mounds within the savanna itself. Covering an expansive 13, km2 area, Odzala lies in the heart of the Congo Basin, the second largest rainforest in the world after the Amazon. They are generally relatively short, dense forests, often dominated by Mitragyna ciliata, and do not have the thick carpet of Marantaceae found on dry land. The decline of lion and spotted hyena populations are thought to be caused by overexploitation.