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Lago Puelo National Park

Lago Puelo National Park

Later he worked for the Argentine government’s boundary commission. South of Madryn, at Punta Tombo, there are , breeding pairs of Magellanic penguins — the largest colony in the world — resident from September to March. The cliffs of the San Pedro Peninsula depict eroded glacial features and the lakes also show many glacial effects. Villa La Angostura is another lakeside resort also within the boundaries of the park.

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Chris Moss picks the highlights among its peaks, glaciers and lakes Sat 13 Dec Between the gawping and the roast lamb dinners, I struggled to make sense of German settlements, Tehuelche place names, Anglophile ranch-owners and ruddy Welsh faces on the coast; crossing the empty steppe, I wondered why any of these would come to such an arid, godforsaken place to make a home.

Established tourism is found in the northern lake districts of Argentina and Chile, and around Los Glaciares national park in the former, and Torres del Paine national Lago Puelo National Park in the latter. Pound sterling is very strong against the Argentine peso, so short local flights are affordable right now. Across the region, food and drink are excellent value too. Photograph: Alamy On the northern coast, the two big stories are Wales and whales.

Inmigrants arrived from Wales aboard the Mimosa and established settlements beside the River Chubut. The towns that grew out of these hamlets — Rawson, Puerto Madryn, Trelew and Gaiman — are easy to visit by bus or car, with chapels and Welsh-themed teashops concentrated in the latter. The South Atlantic teems with marine life. South of Madryn, at Punta Tombo, there arebreeding pairs of Magellanic penguins — the largest colony in the world — resident from September to March.

There is a fine 12km coastal walk here from the town centre to the abandoned Swift meatpacking plant. This dramatic cape looks out over the Atlantic and the Strait of Magellan — the Estancia Monte Lago Puelo National Park is open to visitors and runs the cosy Al Fin y Al Cabo cafe-bar at the foot of the lighthouse, with sweeping views over the ocean.

Magellanic penguins near Puerto Madryn. A photogenic drive or tour-bus Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt here is the Seven Lakes route, which winds for km between a series of lakes surrounded by Andean peaks and beech and myrtle forests enlivened by red anemone-like notros and yellow michay flowers.

A popular excursion from here is a through-Andes ferry-and-bus ride to Puerto Varas in Chile, allowing you to see the further reaches of the lakes that are inaccessible by road. Operated by Cruce Andino cruceandino. There are seven serviced campsites and nine basic ones, and a further seven areas that allow wild camping.

Close to the town is the Museo Leleque. Supported by the Benetton family, it showcases 14, native artefacts, including arrowheads, bone drills, ceremonial axes, grinding stones and pottery shards.

The star attractions are the towering Fitz Roy massif at its northern end, and the huge, turquoise-coloured Lago Argentino to the south. Much of the south of this long, skinny country is jagged coastline, uninhabited islands, roads that come to dead ends, and impenetrable forests and ice fields.

Trekking, cycling, kayaking and rafting trips are easy to organise from Lago Puelo National Park of the towns, and Pachamaguain Puerto Varas, is a canyoning specialist. The low pass through the Andes is also used by scores of trekkers each summer. Stilt houses in southern Chile. In the mountains are eagles and vultures, including the Lago Puelo National Park, while the beech forests teem with treecreepers, woodpeckers and even hummingbirds. See villaohiggins. There are great campsites, several superlative hotels, some challenging walks, and the chance to see guanaco and condor against quite stunning landscapes.

Several firms are now offering puma-tracking trips in the park. Where to stay Punta Arenas, Chile. Photograph: Alamy Singing Lamb, Puerto Natales Friendly, cosy, colourfully decorated hostel with free internet, library and an international clientele.

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By clicking on an affiliate link, you accept that third-party cookies will be set. Glaciers and waterfalls, which are near to the Pampa Linda, are located to the west of Bariloche. In the mountains are eagles and vultures, including the condor, while the beech forests teem with treecreepers, woodpeckers and even hummingbirds.