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Guilin And Lijiang River National Park

Guilin And Lijiang River National Park

And now let me turn the floor over to Satislav Sedov, who will share some of his impressions about the trip. The national park represents the outstanding scenery along the Li River between the cities of Yangshuo and Guilin City. Our equipment worked like a clock, and thanks to that I had an opportunity to beat my own record at high altitude flying with camera several times.

Guilin National Park, China

National Park Arts Foundation

The river flows a total of miles km. The national park represents the outstanding scenery along the Li River between the cities of Yangshuo and Guilin City. The scenery found between these two cities even serves as the artwork on the Chinese 20 yuan note. The mountains decorate the shoreline as they individually pierce toward the sky. There are two different types of limestone karsts along the river differing depending on the region.

There are numerous caves in these mountains as well with the Guanyin Cave System being the longest. They can reach a height Guilin And Lijiang River National Park feet m and in many cases will feature near-perfect vertical sides. These mountains have inspired numerous artists, photographers, Guilin And Lijiang River National Park poets because of their sheer beauty. The highlight of Guilin and Lijiang River National Park is a slow-paced journey through these magnificent hills.

A river cruise is a must, but travelers Guilin And Lijiang River National Park also explore the scenic region by automobile and on foot. Back to Top Guilin Lijiang Trails There are a good number of trails that allow visitors to explore the picturesque landscape that Guilin-Lijiang is renowned for. Who knows, maybe you will find your own artistic inspiration as you explore the region. Reed Flute Caves Trail: This is a short Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt. It meanders through the fields and forests making way to the caves.

There are chances to see wildflowers and wildlife but it is the views of the landscape and discovering the caves that are the highlights of this trail. Ping’An Rice Terrace Trail: Ping’An Rice Terrace Trail: This is another easy rated trail that meanders through the forest and up the hills to views out of the renowned rice terrace landscapes. The trail ascends feet Yangdi Xingping Trail: This moderate rated trail ascends 1, feet The trail offers astounding views of the forest, river, and striking karsts mountains.

There is a chance to see wildlife and wildflowers while making the ascent. The scenic landscapes along the way and from higher points are truly magnificent. Thousand Layer Trail: This is another chance to see the picturesque rice field landscapes.

This trail is rated moderate and ascends 1, feet

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Tesso Nilo National Park

In the stern there is a motor unit: a mower engine with a long shaft and a propeller on the end. The whole mountain ridge is covered with vines and small trees clinging to rocky slopes. During orchid blooming season you can see a variety of multicolored flower islands light up on the slopes.