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Linnansaari National Park

Linnansaari National Park

Varkaus – Savonlinna route goes through the area. Even winter fishing sets are available. Ospreys nest in the staunch tops of the shoreline pines.

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Linnansaari National Park 3. Check our website for the current situation: www. Linnansaari, in the heart of the Finnish Lake District, is an ideal place to spot rare lake seals and majestic ospreys.

The waters of the park are dotted with lush green islands and rocky islets. Linnansaari National Park Linnansaari Croft traditional slash-and-burn farming practices are preserved.

The lakeland scenery is a delight all year round. A boat service takes trippers to the main island during the summer. Longer lake cruises set off from the nearby historic town of Savonlinna. Suitability: Suitable for visitors of all ages and all conditions, in summer and during the skating season. There is a trail from Sammakkoniemi Camping to Linnansaari Croft 0,7 km on the main island which is accessible by wheelchair, but assistance is needed.

Also there is a dry toilet suitable for the disabled at Sammakkoniemi.

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The route from Porosalmi to Oravi is a bit over 18 kilometers in one direction. Visit Saimaa wishes everyone a great but also different travel year The Osprey is one of the biggest birds of prey in Finland, and Linnansaari has one of the densest osprey populations in the country.