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Tayrona National Park And The Lost City

Tayrona National Park And The Lost City

Located on the Rio de la Plata on the Argentinian coast, the city is noted for its cosmopolitan flair. The park also is home to Lake Argentino, the largest in the country. Villages are a good place to buy local handcrafts. The festivities kick off with La Batalla de Flores, or the Battle of the Flowers, where parade floats are decorated with flowers in magnificent and colorful designs.

Chiribiquete National Park

Big Fork National Park

When in need of adventure, the Campo Aventura Roca Madre Park offers rappel, canopy, and climbing experiences along the tropical forest, where over species of native flora and fauna have been identified. This, the highest coastal mountain in the world, is so culturally and ecologically diverse it deserves a section of its own on our itinerary. Hostels for all budgets and preferences are available in the area, along with plenty of local tour guides waiting to bring you on a deep exploration of this tremendously eco-diverse territory where coffee and cocoa are grown.

Be sure to add a visit to a local organic farm to your itinerary too. Built by the Tayronas, a joining of several Indigenous groups, the city is known as Teyuna by local Kogui, Arhuaco, and Wiwa Tayrona National Park And The Lost City — the descendants of the Tayrona people. Local companies offer 4 to 6 days Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt tours to the Lost City, a tremendous opportunity to dive deeper into the Sierra Nevada, the history of the territory, and the tremendous Tayrona National Park And The Lost City colonization has taken over it.

Palomino Finish your road trip with a bang by visiting Palomino, a small but tremendously lively village enclosed between two rivers, the Caribbean sea, and the Sierra Nevada. Here, Indigenous communities, other locals, and travelers from all over the world converge anywhere musicians decide to start a cumbiamba — a street party everyone can join to dance cumbia, bullerengue, porro, and other traditional musical expressions.

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The timeless beauty of a mathematician’s chalkboard

Chankanaab National Park Snorkeling

The undergrowth is very dense and host to a wide variety of parasitic and epiphytic plants. A must-see here is the Recoleta, a residential neighborhood known for its history. Then, in the 16th century, it was conquered by the Spanish, who pretty much decimated the Incas. The animals are like no other place on earth, and include giant tortoises and scary-looking iguanas.