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Low Divide Olympic National Park

Low Divide Olympic National Park

Gatton Gatton Creek. Respect Wildlife: To protect bears and other wildlife, all food, garbage, and scented items must be secured from all wildlife 24 hours a day. In late and three separate expeditions set out to cross the Olympic Mountains and explore its inner reaches. The greatest abundance of shelters built in the s occurred on the north and east facing slopes of the Olympic Range.

Elwha River Trail

By Gail H. Evans Author T. Settlers in the upper Quinault earlier spelled Quinaielt Valley faced problems similar to those encountered elsewhere in the interior west side of the Olympic Peninsula: isolation from the outside world, thick, dense forests and underbrush along the river bottom and long months of heavy precipitation. With headwaters on the southeastern slopes of the Olympic range, the main branch of the Quinault and its north fork descends through terrain described by the Dodwell-Rixon survey party as “very rugged and mountainous.

Department of the Interior47, In addition to geographic and climatic constraints, a acre swath of land, taking in much of the lower Quinault River drainage extending from Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt ocean to and including the lake itself, as well as a portion of land on the southwestern end of Quinault Lake, were very early set aside as the Quinault Indian Reservation and thus closed to homesteading by white settlers.

In the daughter of Captain Willoughby, government agent for the Quinault District, and her Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt friends, were possibly the first white women to see Quinault Lake Aberdeen Daily World27 January; 3, 11, 19, 25 February; 5 March.

Settlement, however, of the interior upper Quinault River Valley, like other interior river valleys on the Olympic Peninsula, did not begin until the late s. The three earliest known settlers arrived in and claimed land at the northeast end of the lake and on bottom land about two miles northeast of the lake. Locke located in Sec. Lock in Sec. Ziegler Creek, emptying into Lake Quinault on the northeast, is presumably named for pioneering settler Frank Ziegler.

By the end ofnineteen others had settled in the Quinault Valley northeast of the lake and at the north and east end of Quinault Lake. This community of early Quinault settlers included those whose names appear on present-day maps of the area, such as Antone Kestner Kestner CreekA.

Gatton Gatton Creek. Chestney, John Stanfield, Mr. Stamey, and Mr. Ewell, A. Higley, H. In late and three separate expeditions set out to cross the Olympic Mountains and explore its inner reaches. Just as the Elwha River Valley was selected as the entry to the mountainous interior, the Quinault Valley was often the route of exit.

In late Novemberthe exploring team of C. Gilman descended into the Quinault Valley after a three month hike across the rugged eastern section of the Olympics. At Quinault they counted around thirty-one settlers Sunday Oregonian25 May. Five months later the Press party expedition, beginning in the Elwha River Valley, knew their trans-Olympic trek was nearly over when they discovered a vacant trapper’s cabin below the juncture of the Quinault and the North Fork Quinault Riversthe “first sign of civilized man for many months.

Although his residence was in Aberdeen, he did have a stock of supplies cached at a settler’s cabin located where the Quinault River flows into the lake. The houses are mere travesties on houses, Glacier National Park To Great Falls Mt absolutely uninhabitable, being put together merely to enable the claimant to hold the land” Wood, Lieutenant Joseph O’Neil, arriving in the Quinault Valley in the fall of after leading an expedition party through much of the southern half of the Olympic Mountains, observed that “the Quinault valley from the junction [of the main branch and the north fork] is Low Divide Olympic National Park adapted for agriculture.

It is fertile bottom land, about 3 miles in width” U. Congress During O’Neil’s brief stay at Quinault Lake, he mentioned that he and…


Always check conditions prior to your trip. Before only a few ranger and guard stations were built including Storm King, Interrorem, and Louella. Stamey, and Mr.